Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dosage V soundtrack

Nope, I can't do a full-on review of the soundtrack for the spectacularly done climbing film, Dosage V, by Big Up Productions. I will say this: half of the music in the film was forgettable, leaving me to think the director blew money on no-name, dime-a-dozen music. However...the other half of the soundtrack was placed perfectly and nearly made me forget the beautiful and hair-raising action that was displayed at the same time as the music. After researching the film a bit, I came to find out that the contracted music supervisor did not pick the music I actually enjoyed. Rather, it seemed the great songs were chosen by the production company's young-gunner new employee/music connoisseur/emerging filmmaker, Cooper Roberts. Kudos to Cooper for outdoing a hired music supervisor.

Anywhoo...Cooper has since introduced me to the instrumental song that stole the show by Albert Barti Wuersch. Albert, a part time musician, surfer, snowboarder and climber seems to be living the life we each chase. Spending time exploring the rocks, coasts, rivers (as pictured above), and hills doesn't seem too bad for a full time occupation. After romping around the globe and meeting up with Roberts, Albert eventually contributed some work to Dosave V and recenly mailed me the song I was tapping my feet to - "Single For A Week." Not to be bland, but the song can really be categorized as simple and fun...a perfect song for climbing on the beach, a nice BBQ, or a road trip with sun in your eyes.

Al-berto and the Fried Bikinis - Single For A Week

Instrumental only


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