Monday, January 5, 2009

#16 - Mates of State

If you've been up to date, I've posted my top 15 favorite tracks of the year. I won't lie like others when they make a Best-Of list. It wasn't difficult. It's not to say there wasn't a lot of fantastic music released in 2008, it's just that my favorite songs came to me very easily. However, ever since I made the list, I have been wondering why I followed conventional norms of making a Best Of list that either ends in a "0" or "5." I should have just made a Top 16 list. Reason being is that a song by Mates of State is one that has been on a few of my 2008 mixes and has been on my mind since their single was only one off from my Top 15. Maybe fate is on their side and since they didn't make the top 15 slots, they now get an individual post all to their own. I ramble on...

Mates of State - My Only Offer

Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel make up the indie rock duo from Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence, Kansas? Yes, Lawrence,'s huge...even the 6th largest city in Kansas! Although each member started in different bands while dating different people, it only took Gardner and Hammel a few months to ditch their bands and temporary bed companions to come together in 1997 and form the organ and drum driven group Mates of State.

Opening for Death Cab For Cutie and Spoon during their emergence can't hurt. This year, their 2008 album Re-Arrange Us from Barsuk Records charted well under any one's radar at #140, but seemed to tickle many bloggers and radio stations alike by landing among the upper echelon on numerous 'Best Of 2008' lists. "Get Better" was the official single from the album, though (my favorite) "My Only Offer" seemed to gather a bit more steam for the Mates. You can decide.

Get Better

My Only Offer

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V said...

I had never heard of Mates of state until this album. I heard "Get Better" on some blog and really liked it, so I perused HypeM for more and decided to settle with "Rearrange Us". The album as a whole was enjoyable, but my favorite song off of it has to be "The Re-arranger".