Thursday, January 29, 2009


They're back! Well, not that they really left. But the duo of Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel that make up the light indie rock group KaiserCartel are back in my neck of the woods. I missed their last go-round at the Monolith Festival this fall, but thankfully their on tour again and will be visiting Denver this Saturday night for a show at the Hi-Dive.

KaiserCartel made my list of favorites in 2008 with "Oh No" form their very successful March Forth album from bluhammock Records. Still riding the wave that can't get enough of the indie rock couple that fulfills any needing ear with a minimal assortment of instruments, Courtney and Benjamin also released the enhanced limited EP titled Okay...and other things we feel. Full of a few extra songs from their tightly gorgeous sound, the Ep is a nice addition to bulk up the songs you must own from them. As I said, they're on tour now, so make sure you don't miss the opportunity to what the buzz is all about.

Kaiser Cartel - Okay

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Anonymous said...

awww, i almost wanna put up with the Denver CHILL to see these guys, but am iced down in KY where i thought winter would be kinder (er, i was right until this week). not sure how i heard about these guys, but i love their CD. didn't know about the EP, something to add to the ear-x-tacy shopping list! might come back for monolith if they have a line-up that appeals. do miss the mountains...