Friday, August 29, 2008

Nice work Black Crowes...I mean, Pink Floyd

OK, I'm not saying The Black Crowes did or did not aim to honor Pink Floyd. All I'm saying is that it's a bit similar. And by a 'bit,' I mean very similar. And by 'very similar,' I mean damn near. And, by damn near, I mean "Oh really, Black Crowes!?!"

Yesterday, I was monitoring a music channel we produce and on came The Black Crowes with "Oh Josephine" from their album Warpaint. All songs on this album were written and published by the Robinson duo. Keep in mind I have nothing against the Robinson family, though I was sorely let down to realize my favorite song the Crowes sing is actually a cover. Anywhoo...near the end of "Oh Josephine" I recognized a vary familiar riff.

Take a listen to the two samples and I'll let you judge.

1. The Black Crowes - Oh Josephine - 2008

2. Pink Floyd - Fearless - 1983


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long Black Veil: 101

Here's a song we all know and whether it was sung by David Gray, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen or the hoards of others in the recent actually goes further back than the 90s, 80s and yes, even the 70s.

Even before the song was covered by the likes of Joan Baez (1963), Bill Monroe (1970) and Mick Jagger with the Chieftains (1995), the song has a bit more to it than even they contributed. Most music followers that dig through that song, come to find out that the version made famous by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash in 1965 was actually a spin-off of Cash's earlier version taken from Folsom Prison Blues. I even thought Cash was the original. Recently, I found out that the song was recorded in Nashville back in 1959, six years before Cash's version, by country singer Lefty Frizell who took the song to #6 on the charts.

"Long Black Veil" was written by Danny Dill with Marijohn Wilkin who claim three sources for the inspiration to the song (thanks Wiki):
1. A legend of a mysterious veiled woman who visited the grave of Italian silent film actor, sex symbol and icon of the 1920's, Rudolph Valentino, who died at an abnormally early age.
2. An unsolved murder of a local priest around the time the song was penned.
3. A recording of "God Walks These Hills With Me" by Red Foley

So...three for 3. Here are three versions of "Long Black Veil" as heard through the decades. If any of you have the Frizell version, I'd be much obliged.

Cash & Co.

Jagger & Co.

Dave & Co.

And now you know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kings of Leon release "Sex On Fire" video

Sex On Fire

Ok, I'm lost. Chickens hanging upside down? Wet n' wild S&M? Is he going through withdrawal from the lay-of-a-century and thus needs his teammates to hold him down whilst in schtoinking detox? I admit I haven't spent time digging through the lyrics yet, but as I can tell they're pretty straight forward.

Here are SOME of the lyrics:
Lay where you're laying
Don't make a sound
I know they're watching
They're watching

All the commotion
The kitty loved pain
Has people talking
They're talking

Soft lips are open
Them knuckles are pale
Feels like you're dying
You're dying

Your sex is on fire
And so
Were the words to transpire

Hot as a fever
Rattling bones
I could just taste it
Taste it

Yoav - Club Thing

Ok my fellow tribe members...we have a Jew that can sing and actually get into a club where hot girls don't run or laugh at him. Yeah, yeah, yeah...Kravitz is definitely another and Sandler can too, though he has to sport his Zohan jean-shorts. So, what's with this Yoav guy? I need to follow his lead.

"Holy hot ladies Batman, I think we found a seductive video that may make me explode!"

And here it is live:

Yoav has got a bit of Eric Bana from Berlin in him which is why the guys in Knocked Up may get laid and why Yoav can walk through this dance club with grace. Then the addictive hook comes and I hear some Jamiroquai, two shakes of a kitten's tail of Timberlake and then some Prince reflections. Thoughts? One thing is for sure though - Yoav Saadan, the Israeli/South African (huh?) artist, makes those kick-ass rhythms and electronica beats with only a computer, his guitar and vocals. Yes, the album Charmed & Strange has been out since early 08, but better late than never right?

Yoav - Club Thing

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dosage V soundtrack

Nope, I can't do a full-on review of the soundtrack for the spectacularly done climbing film, Dosage V, by Big Up Productions. I will say this: half of the music in the film was forgettable, leaving me to think the director blew money on no-name, dime-a-dozen music. However...the other half of the soundtrack was placed perfectly and nearly made me forget the beautiful and hair-raising action that was displayed at the same time as the music. After researching the film a bit, I came to find out that the contracted music supervisor did not pick the music I actually enjoyed. Rather, it seemed the great songs were chosen by the production company's young-gunner new employee/music connoisseur/emerging filmmaker, Cooper Roberts. Kudos to Cooper for outdoing a hired music supervisor.

Anywhoo...Cooper has since introduced me to the instrumental song that stole the show by Albert Barti Wuersch. Albert, a part time musician, surfer, snowboarder and climber seems to be living the life we each chase. Spending time exploring the rocks, coasts, rivers (as pictured above), and hills doesn't seem too bad for a full time occupation. After romping around the globe and meeting up with Roberts, Albert eventually contributed some work to Dosave V and recenly mailed me the song I was tapping my feet to - "Single For A Week." Not to be bland, but the song can really be categorized as simple and fun...a perfect song for climbing on the beach, a nice BBQ, or a road trip with sun in your eyes.

Al-berto and the Fried Bikinis - Single For A Week

Instrumental only

Monday, August 25, 2008

What you need to know about Wolf Parade

Ready? The One-Sheet on Wolf Parade:

  • Yet another Canadian powerhouse and no, I'm not talking McLachlan or Barenaked Ladies.
  • Isaac Brock (you know, Modest Mouse) signed the band to Sub Pop Records (who actually are still considered an "indie" record label...ummm...yeah.)
  • In 2005, "I'll Believe In Anything" was released and the video is A-OK!

  • Their members were in/currently are in/have recorded with: Hot Hot Heat, Arcade Fire, Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes...
  • Spencer Krug is the name you drop when mentioning this band to friends.
  • Wolf Parade's 2008 release is At Mount Zoomer...go get it now or get some free downloads (courtesy of Sub Pop) and more info here!

Take a listen!
Wolf Parade - Something Is Not Right

Friday, August 22, 2008

Old Crow Medicine Show - Coming to you soon

They're back! Yes, Nickel Creek, Yonder Mountain and a few smaller bands are up on my list. But, Old Crow Medicine Show easily claim my top bluegrass spot. There shows are among the loudest you'll ever go to. The dancing and uproar they cause have not been matched in my book and the amount of sweaty shirts in an audience after an Old Crow dance session can rival that of the skankiest of night clubs in the city around closing time. Here is a small example of their pickin', stompin' and roaring scene

Okay, one favorite OCMS song

Members of OCMS met in New York, eventually trekked down south where they were discovered by a grandfather of bluegrass and now call Nashville their home. Supposedly (and I've heard many versions of this story) Old Crow were busking on the streets of North Carolina when a young gal warned them it'd be worth their to play just a bit longer. The young gal brought her father over to listen. The father ended up being Doc Watson, a folk-country legend, who immediately signed the band to play the upcoming MerleFest. The band is most known for their biggest single to date, "Wagon Wheel." Not too many know that the song was originally written by Bob Dylan for a soundtrack that was never released. Old Crow received permission to bluegrasserize Dylan's version (yes, they cover the Rolling Stones and Guthrie too!) which, in combination with their infectious tempos and energy, led to performances at Bonnaroo, the Grand Ole Opry, Telluride Bluegrass, New Orleans Jazz and more. Not only are they talented in bluegrass and have all the bluegrass legends on their side, but their individual names couldn't be more perfect with members like Ketch Secor (vocals, fiddle, harmonica), Willy Watson (vocals, guitar) and Critter Fuqua...I'm serious.

OCMS is gearing to release their new album, Tennessee Pusher, from Nettwerk Records which can be pre-ordered now from their site. In support of the new album, OCMS are also on tour and tickets for the lucky Colorado folk go on sale at 10am today for their show at the Boulder Theater on November 20th! The rumored single from the new album is "Caroline" - enjoy!

Old Crow Medicine Show - Caroline

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy Fuck and then some

Holy Fuck...that's right. They named themselves Holy I'm guessing their main demographic is not your mom, your little sister or your kids. I know their songs have a bright future, but how will NBC, PBS or any radio announcer credit them appropriately? Announced as: "Holy Sex With Passionate Neglect and Force"? Maybe. Printed as: "Holy ==>()"? Doubt it. I guess the name "Holy Crap," "Religious Bang," and "Sanctimonious Fornication" were taken...and "Exclamation Point With Innuendo Attached" just didn't get to the point or convey the power with brevity that they needed. maybe they took their name from my friend Sarah's favorite expression.

What's sooo spectacular about Toronto's Holy Fuck? Graham Walsh and Brian Borcherdt started the band/project a few years ago and ended up as "a chaotic live celebration of lo-fi noise and weirdo casio-driven rock." Aside from Walsh and Borcherdt, several friends continually rotate through the band, pending their show and sounds needed. After numerous tours followed by post-tour studio sessions to record new tracks made on the road, Holy Fuck have now released their self-titled LP, featuring "Lovely Allen," a song that was introduced to me last night by Mountain Tempo contributor Sam Miller. And holy fuck, it's been rocking my face off! Holy Fuck (I almost feel wrong for writing their name over and over on a public blog...sorry!) has now appeared at Glastonbury, Vegoose, Lolla, SXSW, CMJ and have been on the road with Clinic, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Wolf Parade and had studio help from Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene). Not bad at all. Not bad at all.

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

I did title this post "Holy Fuck and then some." Bored at work today? Here is the hodge podge of "then some"

be your own Jackson Pollack here

Waste another 10 minutes (12 hours if you're stoned) here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome To Boulder Part 3
Gregory Alan Isakov

The last post of my Boulder series concludes with one of my favorite artists to introduce to friends for the past three years. Along the lines of Alexi Murdoch, Ray Lamontagne, Iron & Wine, Buckley and Nick Drake, Gregory Alan Isakov is able to intertwine plain lyrics and simple chords that sound anything but. You see, to me, that is what distinguishes an average performer apart from the cacophony of coffehouse performers that I've grown used to. For years I have been trying to explain what it is that draws me toward certain singer-songwriters, but I've never been able to nail it until my friend Matt watched Gregory perform and nailed it. To paraphrase in long-hand, it's when you're watching a singer-songwriter and they make it seem as if there was no indication of a crowd watching the performance and the music they are creating wasn't written down, rehearsed or polished; it's the perfectly written song portrayed with their notes as raw they felt it, not as they think it should be displayed or showcased. These are the performers that make their job look so damn easy. Gregory is one of them. Make sense?

Gregory Alan Isakov was born in South Africa and ended up in Boulder after spending some time in the Philly area. He leads a fairly simple life as a part-time farmer on the beautiful front range foothills just outside of Boulder and on many cloudy days, it's easy to catch him at the coffeehouses that line Pearl Street Mall. After numerous tours, sharing the stage with Rod Y Gab, Ani DiFranco and an upcoming date with Brandi Carlile...and winning the coveted Telluride Troubadour Songwriting competition, it would seem Gregory is primed for the next step. Why hasn't he made it yet? Don't get me started. I'll cross my fingers and hope that this next tour with an etown appearance (that will be heard by well over 100,000 people) may help boost his career.

Could you hear this in the background of Grey's Anatomy?
Gregory Alan Isakov - Garden

Gregory Alan Isakov is in the process of finalizing an album with three songs that I could easily see on prime time television and two that with the right producer, could be on your local radio station. He and his manager allowed me to hear rough cuts of some new songs and I was floored with the potential of where these songs could go...if only. Here is a cut from his last album, That Sea, The Gambler, which can be purchased at any local Boulder record store or here.

Gregory Alan Isakov - The Stable Song

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome To Boulder Part 2
Katie Herzig

In my time in this industry, I've spoken with the likes of Steven Tyler, Art Garfunkel, Feist, John Hiatt and hundreds of other acts with ease, charisma and bolstering self-confidence. Who is the only singer that makes me buckle under the pressure so much that I've only been able to muster a simple incoherent stumbling "hey, good show" (great original comment Bodie, really)? She is the Heather Locklear to my Garth Algar. Sigh...

Katie Herzig hails from Ft. Collins, Colorado, though she calls Nashville her home now. Back in the day, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to Newcomers Home, a folk-bluegrass group that formed in Boulder while many of the members were students at the University of Colorado and headlined many of my evenings while at school. Now, why would a girl introduce her boyfriend to group with a female lead singer that plays guitar, spoons, djembe, and can make a newly married man question his recent commitment? That's shooting yourself in the foot. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for her, Boulder's Newcomers Home broke up in 2006 as Katie decided to push her fortune and move to Nashville for a shot at the solo career her fans saw coming.

After a few warm-up albums, Katie Herzig was signed to a budding record label which was followed by strategic and relentless outside-the-box promotions/alliances and finally had a few songs end up on Grey's Anatomy. Katie is now scheduled in the pristine line-up of the Hotel Cafe Tour where she'll be joining alums like KT Tunstall, Imogen Heap, M. Ward, Alexi Murdoch, Gomez, Brett Dennen, Joshua Radin, Cary Brothers and on and on. This year, The Hotel Cafe Tour is striclty estrogen-backed and features artists such as Herzig, Rachael Yamagata, Ingrid Michaelson, Meiko, Priscilla Ahn, Jaymay, Kaiser Cartel, Lenka, etc. In addtion, September's Paste magazine named her in their "Best of What's Next 2008" preview and called her style a "brightly textured acoustic pop that's clever yet sincere, sunny but grounded..." Apple Tree contains one of my very favorites that has been ending up on numerous mix CDs for friends.

Katie Herzig - Shovel

Herzig's most recent album, Apple Tree, is available (Radiohead-style) here for the price you're willing to pay for it OR passing along the artists' name to 3 friends. Very clever.

In closing, I think High Fidelity nailed my crush during their scene as they entered the venue to watch the seductive Marie De Salle. "Maybe a little picture of me in the liner notes."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome To Boulder Part 1
The Paper Stars

Here is Part I of III aimed to shine a little light on some Boulder, Colorado artists that I think deserve a bigger stage than they usually play on. On that are the Paper Stars.

And again I shine a light on a musician from the Carolina area. North Carolina singer-songwriter, Tres Altman, landed in Boulder over a decade ago and has been concentrating on his well-received project, The Paper Stars. With the addition of several other local gems (Jeb Bows-fiddle, Phil Parker-bass/cello, Julia Sanders-pipes, etc.), the Paper Stars categorize themselves among the alt-country and Americana vein. With no offense to their genre-placing thoughts, I'd keep them in the ring of singer-songwriters and acoustic folk as their lyrics and swaying string melodies seem to take the forefront of their success. Speaking of...The Paper Stars consist of Jeb Bows, a jack-of-all-trades that never ceases to amaze crowds with his simle, yet powerful, string layerings.

Although I've seen them several times, The Paper Stars have a long way to go if they want their live show to bring in the hoards of fans. But on the brighter side, their well-produced album, that actually captures the remarkable talent among all members, is one worth adding to your wine party or make-out session collection. A big thanks to my babe Sara for re-sparking The Paper Stars back on to my playlist. Here is my favorite by the Tres and his Stars with Bows and Parker lifting this song to a new level with their string arrangement.

The Paper Stars - Walking Shadow

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Fleet Foxes - Where Was I At On That One?

Again it's happened and again I can blame Melt Your Face Off for bringing another near-miss back to my radar...thanks Stefania!Hot off the press from the blustery Seattle area, it's no surprise this emerging group decided to let Sub Pop and Bella Union release their full album back in June.

The Fleet Foxes have been hogging my iPod the past week and filling the gap Jim James and My Morning Jacket have left open while rounding out the platform Animal Collective, Band of Horses, and "fill in your whiny-voiced melodic fascination-group that has your finger hitting the 'repeat' button here" have begun establishing over the past few. I just missed their Denver performance due to a music conference...but I'm guaranteeing I'll be catching their second go-around. Don't have their album yet? I know I'm late in warning you, but it's available now and will definitely cause your guests to bob their heads and interrupt your BBQ to ask "is that the new My Morning Jacket?"

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

And...the great video to accompany the beautiful song!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Avett Brothers - Rewind and Play

So, I was jhoping to wrangle The Avett Brothers for an upcoming film soundtrack I'm working on until deadlines got the best of us. Oh well. Regardless...researching their repertoire made me dive back into the vaults and also notice an upcoming release. I love reintroducing myself to artists.

Among the branches of Bonnie Prince Billy/Will Oldham, Iron & Wine/Sam Beam, My Morning Jacket/Jim James and hell...even the Cave Singers, are Scott and Seth Avett. Two brothers out of Concord, North Carolina, serving a platter of simple chords, cigar-laced voices, and honest tunes that seem to capture the root of what you'd want to hear when taking a road trip by yourself. It's not quite Americana or porch music and it isn't straight forward singer-songwriter or hillbilly tunes. It's simple music that strays just left of traditional folk and isn't easily made. Maybe the San Fran Chronicle got it right with their description of what they heard: "Heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, the raw energy of the Ramones."

Ditching their old rock band called Nemo, Seth and Scott acquired Bob Crawford (stand up bass) and now hail as the Avett Brothers. Their first album as "The Avett Brothers" was released back in 2000. Four years and already six albums deep, the trio released Mignonette with one of my favorite Avett Brothers tunes.

The Avett Brothers - Swept Away

Now, eight years and ten albums later, The Avett Bros. are about to release their 11th album, Second Gleam, from Ramseur Records. Never heard of that label? No worries. Dolph Ramseur runs this small management and record label out of North Carolina and has a lineup of artists that would knock your socks off...if you're into traditional old-time porch music like one of the bands he manages, The Carolina Chocolate Drops - ah yes, now the small world just got smaller. Moving on...
here is a new release from the North Carolina brothers

The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ray Lamontagne - You Are The Best Thing

It's Coming Together!

After seeing Ray perform last week and debuting some new songs, I became even more excited for the release of his new album. Today, The Mountain Tempo is here to offer up some new and even better Ray Lamontagne! The release of Gossip In the Grain is only around the corner and RCA has unveiled yet another single from the much anticipated album. I'm holding off (for now) on allowing downloads to keep his songs from exploding through the blogger world like last time. But, I have to make sure you can enjoy Ray Lamontagne's new single, "You Are the Best Thing" below.


Monday, August 11, 2008

At least they brought the girls

It's over. 32 concerts, tons of ass kissing, few surprises, late nights, and a few memorable performances. I could give a full report but I'll spare you the let down of the numerous negatives I could say. Instead, I'll let you know that seeing Ray Lamontagne's bellowing and airy vocals were a perfect match for the Boulder Theater's ambiance. Ingrid Michaelson easily upped her fan base and had my friends searching the Internet all day trying to lasso the tunes she debuted. I was almost embarrassed to admit I actually loved Brendan James' set...think Elton John + rock - flamingo outfits and wrinkles. Mofro and Calexico pleased the dancing shoes and radio reps alike and seemed to be the "safe staples" of the convention. The highlight moment of the 32 concerts I saw? Lindsey Buckingham. "Never heard of her" seemed to pop up a lot when I was asked of my favorite moment. Ever heard of Fleetwood Mac? Aside from all of that, the convention did bring some eye candy. I'm not saying I loved their music, but I'm also not saying I didn't pay attention...

"She wouldn't win an Ugly Contest" nominee #1
Meiko is one of the first artists signed to Myspace Records. Yes, Tom and Myspace have their own record label and I'm gust guessing that since Myspace runs Myspace, other artists debuted on Myspace Music may get overshadowed by Myspace choosing to highlight their Myspace Records artists over other Myspace artist participants. Myspace. But...keep in mind CBS now owns a record label AND several hundred radio stations. Do ya' think a CBS-owned station gets internal pressure to support their own artists? Just think what would happen if Clear Channel started their own record label. Talking about inner politicking and shitting where you eat. I digress...
Despite my thoughts on Myspace (and CBS) running their own label, Meiko actually pleasantly surprised me. I'm not saying her music will be played on my iPod any time soon. I will say that her tan and accompanying short skirt didn't hurt her chances to get played on commercial radio. Handfuls of her songs will not make the radio waves. Nothing against her style or talent, but they aren't "radio" songs. However, her album alone could build a soundtrack to The Hills, Grey's, Chuck, etc. Based in L.A., Meiko has already been on tour with the Hotel Cafe crew, Mat Kearney and has several dozen more dates to come. Her self-titled album is set to be released on September 9 and it's not on Jive or Zomba. Aside from Myspace records carrying this album, she also has that little guy in the biz named David Geffen on her side.

Meiko - Boys With Girlfriends

Easy On The Eyes nominee #2
You may remember Amie Miriello from her first project, Dirtie Blonde. Moving from Connecticut to New York and heading toward a solo career, Amie definitely made sure that gals and guys alike paid attention to her throughout the weekend. She sang a song ranting that too many guys are too afraid and just won't ask her out. The guy in the song was a strapping young lad wearing nice blue jeans. Now I'm not saying she was singling me out. I will say I was wearing my Joe's jeans and when she looked at me during the chorus, she had to notice I was the one male out of 300 that was under the age of 30.
Amie Miriello is signed to Jive/Zomba and if you've been following your Idol and Top 40 stars, you know is a key ingredient to immediate success. Her first album is nothing to do a back flip over...but if she bats her eyes at you, I promise you'll be floored. Her debut album is titled I Came Around and will be in stores in early September.

Keep tuned to the Mountain Tempo...lots of music to introduce you to this week!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire

So....I guess I did find a few minutes to dig up some dirt and post one last time before the big music conference/convention/schmoozer begins this afternoon. Kings of Leon has just released another track off of their new album, Only By The Night.

It's a bit more dancy and up-tempo compared to many tracks off of Because of the Times but it definately is not as raw as what you'd have heard on Youth & Young Manhood. KOL's first single release "Crawl" really didn't do IT for me. But, this new release definitely puts their upcoming release in a needed spotlight. September 23 is only around the corner...

Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Calexico Summits in Boulder, CO

It's the first hump through August and for Colorado radio fans it means that KBCO "brings" slews of artists to town for intimate live studio performances and handfuls of concerts. What the locals really don't know is that there is a significant Radio and Records conference happening in Boulder throughout the week. KBCO, being in the same location as the conference, milks the hell out of it and gets a bit (just a smidge) of free publicity through this...further distinguishing them as one of the best stations in the U.S.

The Mountain Tempo will take a couple days off as I have to attend the R&R Triple A Convention through my full time work for the next several days. The festivities begin Wednesday afternoon with over 32 concerts and dozens of meetings scheduled between now and Saturday evening. Many of the concerts are small, exclusive performances held at the pristine St. Julien Hotel and Spa during private luncheons, meetings, and cocktail hours. However, the town gets a real treat as the Fox Theater showcases three larger artists each evening during the week. During set breaks at the Fox, the audience can then travel across the street to any number of cafes, bars, and smaller venues to catch other highlighted acts brought to town by any number of the record labels and execs at the convention. Basically, it's a miniature music festival brought to Boulder in hopes to expose the latest and greatest acts to the radio honchos, blogger moochers, indie reps, and label execs in hopes that maybe "we'll" be a catalyst for these artists to reach the masses.

Who will be attending the party?
Comparatively, I'm still a young pup in the music industry. During these conventions, there really is only a tiny handful of attendees that are under the age of 30. When I say "tiny" I am saying that maybe there will be 5 of us under 30. That being said, it's quite ironic that a bunch of 45+ year-old males (generally) dominate and basically determine what younger generations are exposed to. Now, it can get complicated so that statement above is not exactly true. Triple A is a radio format primarily enjoyed by listeners in a specific age range. However, it seems that as an active participant in the music and social scene in Boulder, the "target" age range for this specific music format is drastically decreasing in age, further separating the ages of the actual listeners from the coats that are making executive decisions. I'll admit that many of these elders are rather hip...or maybe need hip replacements. But, if you're walking the streets of Boulder this week, I promise you'll notice HANDFULS of pale 55 year-olds wearing Hawaiian shirts, plaid cargo shorts, white tube socks and either Birks or fully-strapped Teva sandals...just yearning to match the Bouldersphere they've heard about. It's odd that a Texan wearing a "Don't Mess With Texas" t-shirt and a cowboy hat could honestly mix into a Boulderite crowd twice as easy as a record rep/radio exec. Regardless, that's how "they" roll and that guy wearing the black leather fanny pack may also be the same guy that is responsible for putting the likes of Feist, LCD Sounsdystem, Grace Potter, !!!, Bright Eyes, or the White Stripes on your "indie" iPod. In fact, if you can take your eyes off of his balding spot and those hairy legs, you may notice he's sharing dinner with Oasis.

In the years before I attended, it was not uncommon to have headliners like David Gray, Dave Matthews, Coldplay, and John Mayer perform at this gathering. But, despite the slump in the economy and the depth of the record label pockets due to a multitude of political, economic, and artistic happenings, the Triple A Convention is still showcasing a handful of great artists. I will say the OVERALL magnitude of artists showcased this year will have a tough time keeping certain reps and execs from schmoozing outside the venues instead of listening. Among the acts that I'm really excited to see is Calexico, a folk-alternative band from Arizona. They're set to release a new album, Carried To Dust on September 8 from Quarterstick Records. You can download Calexico's new single, "Two Silver Trees" from their site now, for free! Or, how about one of my favorite covers from them:

Calexico - Corona

Who else? Oh yeah, Ray Lamontagne is in town with Ingrid Michaelson for a sold-out etown performance on Friday. You may know Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) and Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley). We're also having Mofro, Donovan Frankenreiter, Brett Dennen, Augustana, Michael Franti, Newton Faulkner and a even a dozen more. Actually, when you write them all down together, it really is pretty impressive. Eh...I'll give you one more song since I'm ditching out for a few days. It's a pretty poppy song but I'll be the first to admit that their "hook" really does just that. Augustana (Epic) will be at the Fox Theater on Thursday evening and I'm guessing they wouldn't NOT play their new single that has been doing quite well on radio across board.

Augustana - Sweet and Low

The Mountain Tempo should back in full force next week after a LONG week of music. Thanks as ALWAYS for reading, listening and sharing!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Noah and The Whale - 5 Years

Happy Monday folks and today we have a fairly new single for ya' from London's Noah and the Whale. Once I heard their sound, I frantically searched movie soundtracks...trying to remember where I originally heard that distinguishable sound. Wes Anderson (Bottle Rocket, Royal Tennenbaums) classics? No. Noah Baumbach's (The Squid and the Whale, Margot At the Wedding) melancholy comedies? No. Jason Reitman works or maybe in Smart People? Nope and nope. So, if any of you know where I heard them before, help me stop racking my brain and let me know what movie it may have been.

Noah and the Whale are on tour right now, slated for well over two dozen gigs across Europe. Given their recent buzz among blogs and their record label shooting me numerous press packs the past week, I finally took the time to click "play" on their new video. The problem with watching one video is catastrophic events that follow: more watching and watching and watching...let's just say if you're at work right now or if you ShOuLd be doing something constructive, these videos can easily throw you off schedule. I don't have the time now, but I'm guessing that researching the thoughts and trivia behind their videos will reveal some more quirkiness about the characters in the band.

Amazing Video #1: Keep your eyes posted for Casey Affleck's twin and new dance moves

Amazing Video #2: Any Royal Tennenbaum similarities present?

Noah and the Whale are releasing their new album, Peaceful The World Lays Me Down in just a short time from Universal records. The full album is not available yet in the U.S. but if you can't wait, a trip to Amazon's UK store should do the trick. If you're into Vampire Weekend, Boy Least Likely To, The Moldy Peaches (Juno), Laura Marling and springtime whistling, you'll enjoy Noah and the Whale's new album featuring their single "5 Years Time (Sun Sun Sun)."

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Ray Lamontagne and...

Happy August and what a great Friday it is! I've got some great news for you Ray fans. Let's start with the smaller news first and on we'll go to the bigger and better.

1. In case you don't know, Ray Lamontagne has announced the release of his new album, Gossip In The Grain, set to be released on October 14th from RCA records. Now we automatically know that it will knock our panties (or manties, for that matter) right off. But, he has also announced that Leona Naess will be lending her beautiful vocals to this album.

On we go.

2. The track listing for Gossip In The Grain:
1. Let It Be Me
2. Hey Me, Hey Mama
3. Sarah
4. I Still Care For You
5. Winter Birds
6. Meg White
7. Achin' All The Time
8. Henry Nearly Killed Me (It's A Shame)
9. A Falling Through
10. Gossip In The Grain

3. Here is a sneak peak of what Ray will serve up on his upcoming release. And again, if you like this edit, make sure to go to Ray's site and preorder your copy of Gossip In The Grain.
4. If you're a Colorado resident and you weren't quick enough to purchase tickets to Ray's August 8th performance at etown, have no fear. Leona Naess will be opening for Ray as they visit my backyard, taking Mackey Auditorium's stage on October 27!!!!!!!!!! And yes, tickets are on presale TODAY starting at 10am via Ticketmaster.

To see his tour schedule or to preorder Ray's new album, just go here

Happy Friday,
The Mountain Tempo