Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome To Boulder Part 1
The Paper Stars

Here is Part I of III aimed to shine a little light on some Boulder, Colorado artists that I think deserve a bigger stage than they usually play on. On that are the Paper Stars.

And again I shine a light on a musician from the Carolina area. North Carolina singer-songwriter, Tres Altman, landed in Boulder over a decade ago and has been concentrating on his well-received project, The Paper Stars. With the addition of several other local gems (Jeb Bows-fiddle, Phil Parker-bass/cello, Julia Sanders-pipes, etc.), the Paper Stars categorize themselves among the alt-country and Americana vein. With no offense to their genre-placing thoughts, I'd keep them in the ring of singer-songwriters and acoustic folk as their lyrics and swaying string melodies seem to take the forefront of their success. Speaking of...The Paper Stars consist of Jeb Bows, a jack-of-all-trades that never ceases to amaze crowds with his simle, yet powerful, string layerings.

Although I've seen them several times, The Paper Stars have a long way to go if they want their live show to bring in the hoards of fans. But on the brighter side, their well-produced album, that actually captures the remarkable talent among all members, is one worth adding to your wine party or make-out session collection. A big thanks to my babe Sara for re-sparking The Paper Stars back on to my playlist. Here is my favorite by the Tres and his Stars with Bows and Parker lifting this song to a new level with their string arrangement.

The Paper Stars - Walking Shadow

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