Monday, August 11, 2008

At least they brought the girls

It's over. 32 concerts, tons of ass kissing, few surprises, late nights, and a few memorable performances. I could give a full report but I'll spare you the let down of the numerous negatives I could say. Instead, I'll let you know that seeing Ray Lamontagne's bellowing and airy vocals were a perfect match for the Boulder Theater's ambiance. Ingrid Michaelson easily upped her fan base and had my friends searching the Internet all day trying to lasso the tunes she debuted. I was almost embarrassed to admit I actually loved Brendan James' set...think Elton John + rock - flamingo outfits and wrinkles. Mofro and Calexico pleased the dancing shoes and radio reps alike and seemed to be the "safe staples" of the convention. The highlight moment of the 32 concerts I saw? Lindsey Buckingham. "Never heard of her" seemed to pop up a lot when I was asked of my favorite moment. Ever heard of Fleetwood Mac? Aside from all of that, the convention did bring some eye candy. I'm not saying I loved their music, but I'm also not saying I didn't pay attention...

"She wouldn't win an Ugly Contest" nominee #1
Meiko is one of the first artists signed to Myspace Records. Yes, Tom and Myspace have their own record label and I'm gust guessing that since Myspace runs Myspace, other artists debuted on Myspace Music may get overshadowed by Myspace choosing to highlight their Myspace Records artists over other Myspace artist participants. Myspace. But...keep in mind CBS now owns a record label AND several hundred radio stations. Do ya' think a CBS-owned station gets internal pressure to support their own artists? Just think what would happen if Clear Channel started their own record label. Talking about inner politicking and shitting where you eat. I digress...
Despite my thoughts on Myspace (and CBS) running their own label, Meiko actually pleasantly surprised me. I'm not saying her music will be played on my iPod any time soon. I will say that her tan and accompanying short skirt didn't hurt her chances to get played on commercial radio. Handfuls of her songs will not make the radio waves. Nothing against her style or talent, but they aren't "radio" songs. However, her album alone could build a soundtrack to The Hills, Grey's, Chuck, etc. Based in L.A., Meiko has already been on tour with the Hotel Cafe crew, Mat Kearney and has several dozen more dates to come. Her self-titled album is set to be released on September 9 and it's not on Jive or Zomba. Aside from Myspace records carrying this album, she also has that little guy in the biz named David Geffen on her side.

Meiko - Boys With Girlfriends

Easy On The Eyes nominee #2
You may remember Amie Miriello from her first project, Dirtie Blonde. Moving from Connecticut to New York and heading toward a solo career, Amie definitely made sure that gals and guys alike paid attention to her throughout the weekend. She sang a song ranting that too many guys are too afraid and just won't ask her out. The guy in the song was a strapping young lad wearing nice blue jeans. Now I'm not saying she was singling me out. I will say I was wearing my Joe's jeans and when she looked at me during the chorus, she had to notice I was the one male out of 300 that was under the age of 30.
Amie Miriello is signed to Jive/Zomba and if you've been following your Idol and Top 40 stars, you know is a key ingredient to immediate success. Her first album is nothing to do a back flip over...but if she bats her eyes at you, I promise you'll be floored. Her debut album is titled I Came Around and will be in stores in early September.

Keep tuned to the Mountain Tempo...lots of music to introduce you to this week!

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