Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kings of Leon release "Sex On Fire" video

Sex On Fire

Ok, I'm lost. Chickens hanging upside down? Wet n' wild S&M? Is he going through withdrawal from the lay-of-a-century and thus needs his teammates to hold him down whilst in schtoinking detox? I admit I haven't spent time digging through the lyrics yet, but as I can tell they're pretty straight forward.

Here are SOME of the lyrics:
Lay where you're laying
Don't make a sound
I know they're watching
They're watching

All the commotion
The kitty loved pain
Has people talking
They're talking

Soft lips are open
Them knuckles are pale
Feels like you're dying
You're dying

Your sex is on fire
And so
Were the words to transpire

Hot as a fever
Rattling bones
I could just taste it
Taste it

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