Friday, August 15, 2008

The Fleet Foxes - Where Was I At On That One?

Again it's happened and again I can blame Melt Your Face Off for bringing another near-miss back to my radar...thanks Stefania!Hot off the press from the blustery Seattle area, it's no surprise this emerging group decided to let Sub Pop and Bella Union release their full album back in June.

The Fleet Foxes have been hogging my iPod the past week and filling the gap Jim James and My Morning Jacket have left open while rounding out the platform Animal Collective, Band of Horses, and "fill in your whiny-voiced melodic fascination-group that has your finger hitting the 'repeat' button here" have begun establishing over the past few. I just missed their Denver performance due to a music conference...but I'm guaranteeing I'll be catching their second go-around. Don't have their album yet? I know I'm late in warning you, but it's available now and will definitely cause your guests to bob their heads and interrupt your BBQ to ask "is that the new My Morning Jacket?"

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

And...the great video to accompany the beautiful song!

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