Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Kings of Leon

The Followill's and Kings of Leon are back again and offering a free download from their new album via their homepage...or you boost my self esteem and pretend that I offered you the download (below) before anyone else! Deriving a first impression from their new single alone is a bit unfair, but it's safe to say that the Followill family hasn't put out an album to date that didn't serve as a magnet to applause. Nonetheless, at least on this song, you can actually understand Caleb's lyrics* without consulting their lyrics sheet! "Crawl," the first release from Kings of Leon's upcoming album Only By The Night is set to be released on September 22/23 (pending your source) from RCA Records.

Kings of Leon - Crawl

"And Knowing is Half The Battle"
Kings of Leon are comprised of three brothers (Caleb Followill - lead vocals/guitar, Jared Followill - bass, Nathan Followill - drums) and a first cousin (Matthew Followill - guitar). The three Followills spent their earlier days traveling weeks at a time through the southern states while their father preached at Pentecostal churches and religious tent revivals that probably compare to Steve Martin's 1992 movie, Leap of Faith. Their mother taught them on the road and the boys often were invited to bang on drums and assist in the musical aspects of the sermons. In 1997, following their father's divorce and resigning from the church, the Followill boys situated in Nashville, recruited their cousin to join, and began delving into the rock music world. In fact, both Caleb and Nathan (students at Christian Life Academy) sang at rodeos and were pursuing a career in country music before diving in to rock and roll (see, there is a God!). Taking their name from their father and grandfather, who were both Leon, the boys officially formed Kings of Leon in 2000 and were signed by RCA one year later. And, now you know.

* Here are my two favorites from KOL(both off of Because of the Times), with "Fans" edging out "Arizona" by a kitten's whisker. Seek out the lyrics and you'll find that some stuff that Caleb mumbles was pretty much what you thought he was saying. Even "die-hard" fans argue online about the lyrics to the other half...is he saying "Ragoo" or "right moves" or "rye boob"?

Example #1 - a playlist "essential"
Kings of Leon - Fans

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