Monday, July 7, 2008

Mondays aren't THAT bad are they?

Quick Trivia: without scrolling down, can you identify anyone of the two groups pictured to the left?
The long weekend is over and most of you are probably sun burned, tired and wishing you had one more day to recoup before starting the week over. The Mountain Tempo is here to say Mondays aren't all that bad and that Friday is only four short days away. Here are three Monday songs to distract you from any paperwork while you plow through your first and second cups of coffee of the week.

According To, John Phillips was getting pressured by members of his group to come up with some new material after the enormous success of their previous top five hit, "California Dreamin'." Apparently, his reply was: "Okay, tonight I'm going to write a song with universal appeal." In 1966 The Mamas & The Papas revealed Phillips' "Monday, Monday" on their album If You can Believe Your Eyes And Ears, which secured them their only #1 hit. I did some research and found that "Monday, Monday" was released on OVER 130 different albums ranging from "Best Of..." albums to compilations, to karaoke name it - 130 different albums! The success of writing "California Dreamin'" and "Monday, Monday" supplied Phillips a paycheck of over $100,000 a year in royalties alone - and that was in the 70's.
Side fact: John Phillips co-wrote the #1 hit, "Kokomo" for the Beach Boys. His daughter, Chynna Phillips, went on to form Wilson Phillips with the daughters of Beach Boy, Brian Wilson.

After the split of Uncle Tupelo 1994, Jeff Tweedy and some remaining members formed Wilco, while Jar Farrar went on to form Son Volt. Wilco released Being There in 1996 which may crack my top 20 favorite albums due to their establishment of newer Americana by bending country, rock and folk together. In this album they drew inspiration from specific Beatles and Rolling Stones songs. An example of the Stones influence on Wilco can be heard in the song "Monday," which is considered Tweedy's best writing and rocking to date.

Yes, that was Stevie Nicks in the photo up there back in her day and as some would say: She sure was easy on the eyes. "Monday Morning" is the opening track to Fleetwood Mac's self-titled album released in 1975. Written by Lindsey Buckingham, the song is definitely full of lots and lots of passion and jubilant chords that could easily be heard in a pop song released today. Another coincidence amongst Monday-themed songs from California groups is pointed out by Matthew Greenwald of AllMusic when he summed up Fleetwood Mac's song with: "The title itself is interesting, given that the only other unisex California group to achieve this kind of acclaim and drama were the Mamas & the Papas, whose "Monday, Monday" was their sophomore hit."

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