Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where is The Mountain Tempo?
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Folks, sorry about the delayed post today but I promise to make it up to you. Although the inaugural Mile High Music Festival was phenomenal, I would like to offer some advice: The line to get a Chipotle burrito at the food court in the festival was long for a reason. The line to get a french dip sandwich was non-existent for a reason. Because I deemed seeing Spoon a priority, I opted not to wait in line for 25+ minutes for a scrumptious Chipotle burrito which my stomach could easily handle. Instead, I chose to go to a shack with no line and head to the show. That was Mistake #1. Mistake #2 was swallowing the bites to follow. That was all she wrote.

So, let's cut the middle part of the story out and I'll tell you two things:
1. I'm getting better and whether you attended or not, I know you deserve a complete wrap-up of The Mile High Music Festival which is why I have summoned a Mountain Tempo guide/friend/ambassador to offer us his perspective. Who is this masked enigma? Take the looks of Brad Pitt, the wit of some Colbert with a splash of Hornby and Sedaris, sprinkle on some Wall Street Journal clippings and then take a bit of imdb.com's database, three scoops of Wes Anderson movies and soundtracks and five ounces of Spinal Tap...don't forget some Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, RJD2, Ray Lamontagne, J. Crew, Bill Withers, and the 18 artists you haven't heard of yet this year, and THEN you can begin to realize who this Mountain Tempo contributor really is. (sorry ladies (and gents), he is taken at this moment). Keep your eyes peeled in the days to come because he will be providing a concise conclusion for The Mile High Music Festival and what was a fantastic weekend for Colorado music. In addition, he will be providing the Tempo with more sporadic posts to come, lighting your horizon and furthering your exploration into the world of music. I'm already excited for his first post after the coming MHMF review!

2. I'm getting better and though I'm having hot flashes like a 58 year-old woman and sweating like a prostitute in church, I know I'm overcoming the wrath of the Mile High Music Festival Buffalo French Dip Sandwich with pure grace. As bad as I feel, keep in mind I look nothing as horrible as Keith Richards on a good day. In the meantime, I will leave you with videos that can cheer up the sick over-heated.

Until Tomorrow,
The (stormy) Mountain Tempo

I don't know what IT is, but he's got IT.

The Office (Original)- Flash Dance with M.C. Hammer

"looks like somebody's been down here with the ugly stick"

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heather said...

oh bodie!! you poor thing. the festival meat sandwiches will get you every time. i'm so sorry!!!