Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sigur Rós is speaking gobbledigook and I like it

Sigur Rós is back with another album and I think their lyrics are as meaningful and deep as I could've imagined. In addition, their use of innuendos and metaphors are so hilariously deep and provokingly political, dating back to the rise of the Roman Empire and transgress all the way through the Bush Administration. OK, because some of you don't know Sigur Rós that well, you may not understand my sarcasm there.

You see, Sigur Rós sings all of their songs either in Icelandic, Volenska/Hopelandic (a type of constructed gibberish of nonsense syllables that the band made up) or usually, a combination of the languages. In fact, it's rare that people from Iceland even know what they say due to the falsetto yammering of the lead singer in combination with their mysterious self-built language. We do know that the band name comes from one of their sisters, Sigurrós, which means "Victory Rose" when translated to English. Apart from that, a visit to their site will fill you in a bit more as to their language, pronunciations, and definitions. Good luck.

Sigur Rós recently released their 5th album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (ummm...yeah, good luck saying that one) from EMI and XL Recordings. Though it finally revelas their first song in engligh (barely), the albumas a whole has a bit more tempo and energy to it than many of their previous ones. However, if you do like their older dreamy and symphonic-filled songs, you will not be disappointed.

Sigur Rós - Ára Bátur

Sigur Rós - Suð Í Eyrum

Their single that's being pushed is a slightly more indie-sounding rock song that is definately filled with more energy than I've heard from Sigur Rós before. Here's the video for "Gobbledigook" though I should warn you there is not much cotton or poly-pro involved with the video shoot so if you're not over 18, don't click play.

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