Thursday, July 17, 2008

I think I love you. I think I'll wreck you. Oh no.

This blog is a direct result of spying on the MySpace of Mountain Tempo's dear friend whose name "rhymes with 'lasagna'" - her words. She even blogged about KaiserCartel and posted a nice video that is definitely worth checking out...which may have started my obsession with this emerging band. Needless to say, a recent string in me was plucked and when I found out I actually had the whole album, I was blown away by several more KaiserCartel songs. One day later and I think I've logged over two dozen plays of their lead track, "Oh No." Despite the ironic reasons that allowed the song to infiltrate my head, I also dug the building choir-like harmonies and Courtney's voice that has hints of Zoey Deschanel (She & Him, Elf), Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), and maybe Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies singing "Sweet Jane").

KaiserCartel - Oh No

Let's get it straight so the picture up top doesn't throw you off. Brooklyn's couple,KaiserCartel, has no relevance (that I'm aware of) to an actual Kaiser or a cartel. Currently, Benjamin Cartel is an elementary art teacher while Courtney Kaiser is an elementary music teacher. I'm curious if the parents of Cartel's and Kaiser's students realize one used to be a backup singer for John Mellencamp and that they have a kick-ass band touring the entire nation during the summer?

KaiserCartel has an album out now from Bluhammock Music titled March Forth. I highly suggest you hike to your local music store and get a copy of your's very rare now-a-days that I can listen to an entire album without my forefinger anxious to skip a song here and there. Plus, with lyrics like "Along the way, the headphones play, I can hear you. You're my favorite song, I wanna sing it again..." how you could you skip it?

KaiserCartel - Favorite Song


Stefania said...

You made my day Bodie Pants!

KaiserCartel said...

Thank you so much for reviewing our music! We hope to see you at some of the Colorado shows we have coming up!!!

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I bough your disc a few days ago and i enjoy it so much, You're so talented honey :) I will wait your next disc with great expectation!