Thursday, July 3, 2008

Carney testifies

It's a half-day at work today and I'm gearing up to for a weekend in Gunnison with a bunch of coffee, bike riding, climbing and fishing with Ben. I'll still make sure to post a 4th of July-themed blog tomorrow for those of you unfortunate enough to be outside but fortunate enough to still read my blog! In the meantime, I must introduce you to Carney, a young firecracker band from L.A. who are all in their early 20's.

Brothers Reeve (lead vocals and guitar) and Zane Carney (lead guitar), front the band that draws easily noticeable influences from Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, and Johnny Lang. In fact, singer and rippin' guitarist, Reeve Carney was a member of Lang's touring band in the early 2000's before settling down and establishing his own group. I can't reiterate enough as to how much I hear the vocal and guitar remnants of BOTH Buckley and Zeppelin infiltrate Carney's style and swagger on "Testify." I highly suggest you turn up the volume to 11 when you take this home.

Carney - Testify

Carney released their E.P. Nothing Without You on Interscope Records with their full album on the horizon. Although the other songs available on their E.P. don't have half the electricity that "Testify" offers, I'll still be excited to hear their full-length album as the band just finished up a vast tour surrounded by great reviews and a notable stop at Bonnaroo.


Nomi said...

Happy Fourth of July to you, too!!!
Great blog. I'm glad to see Simon and Garfunkle made it to you blog. Your writing is superb and the reviews - excellent!

Nomi said...

OOOps! That's Simon and Garfunkel!