Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Fab Channel

I can't keep a hidden gem from you for too long, it wouldn't be fair. Now let's keep in mind that I don't condone pushing traffic away from my blog. Rather, let's just say you keep checking in every day and when you're busy at work and you need some music in your background besides Pandora or iTunes, I'm giving you another option.

The Fab Channel is an online concert archive featuring over 900 live concerts from artists of all sizes and from genres across the board. With a team of 25+ producers, directors, camera people (only PC here at The Mountain Tempo), interns, editors and (I'm assuming) a great legal/licensing brain, Fab Channel have been allowed to capture full-length shows from the famous venues, Paradiso and Melkweg Amsterdam.

Among showcasing rising hip hop stars, punk, R&B, electronic, and indie rock from around the world, they have been given permission to film some of my favorites, including Damien Rice, Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes and Josh Ritter. Not only can a viewer pick and choose which song to watch from the setlist, Fab Channel, like Pandora, recommends similar artists, provides a brief bio on each artist and allows you to build a playlist of songs from multiple artists/concerts.

So, take a listen/look at Fab Channel or watch my favorite two shows Iron & Wine || Josh Ritter.

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