Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Later: Grateful Dead?
No, it's Grateful Dawg, thank God.

I went fly-fishing last weekend with my father in the remote and rather untouched areas of Colorado and Wyoming where we encountered dozens of elk, deer, fish, moose (one mama and one calf WAY too close for comfort), Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles and Great Gray Owls. Our guide on the Encampment River was a big Grateful Dead fan and knows most of their stuff. Aside from a few of their hits, I wouldn't consider myself a Grateful Dead fan and therefore, couldn't provide a suitable present for our guide. However, it struck me as I headed up to Encampment, Wyoming, that my homeslice Matt (and his fiancee) introduced me to Grateful Dawg back in college, a project that many of today's tye-dye wearing, Birkenstock stomping, high school yuppie, "I've been there" stoners aren't aware of. 1 point for me. As I guessed, our Dead Head guide (he was no hippie) had not heard of this documentary-slash-side project of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, so I felt compelled to introduce him. Again, I AM NOT a Grateful Dead fan. But, this is a soundtrack I suggest you track down and you have my friend Matt (and Sally) to thank for it. It's the missing ingredient when you have iced tea, a lot of sun, a porch, friends, and a dog day afternoon. Take their version of Jimmy Cliff's made popular classic...

Sitting Here In Limbo - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Gillian Grisman produced and directed this documentary in 2000 exploring the timeline of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman from their very beginnings as bluegrassers, to Old & In the Way, and through their stardom as Grateful Dead. Grateful Dawg, the documentary, includes rare live performances, jam sessions, recording sessions and interviews among friends and family. Little did I know that Garcia and Grisman influenced much of the bluegrass and porch-style music that I enjoy today through their marriage of rag-time, porch-pickin', bluegrass-infused style that they named "dawg" music.

Sweet Sunny South - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Click here to see the Grateful Dawg trailer, should you need a kick-start to run to the video rental store.

"Now," or Part II will be posted tomorrow.

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