Monday, July 28, 2008

Tom Thumb isn't THAT small

Indianapolis Part 2 will have to wait. I've been digging and replaying and adding Tom Thumb to friends' mix CDs since I stumbled across his sound at The My Old Kentucky Blog this fall. Perusing his current influences of Spoon, Wilco and My Morning Jacket, you may be tempted to stereotype his music as a cacophony of organized loud sounds lost in a world of drunken fuzz maybe reminiscent of Wilco's Heavy Metal Drummer, Spoon's controlled feedback without losing pop rock fans and My Morning Jacket's earlier unpolished perfection. Don't forget Spoon's "E. Vittorio" or a Jim James acoustic set in an big hall and Wilco's lighter Americana base. Andy Arch is right there taking you with his shuttering vocals, fluttering banjo and seductive backup vocals courtesy of some vixen. It takes some guts to cover to the Boss properly and Arch and Co. get my nod.

Tom Thumb - Atlantic City

Hailing out of Cape Code, Mass., Andy Arch keeps a fairly low profile though the blogs haven't quite allowed him to completely slip off of the radar. Don't let me misguide you completely...Tom Thumb has recently been on tour and played with Jens Lenkman, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Dr. Dog. I've been speaking with him a bit lately for an upcoming film and though very cordial, I easily hear his despondent voice and care-free mentality giving me the notion that he may be content with going through an entire career unnoticed. It almost irks me until I realize he is an artist first and foremost and that his goal is not to play show after show after show. Rather, his intentions are to assist the other artist (filmmaker) I'm working for by supplying his art, with no attention paid to profit.

site and pick up a copy for yourself. The beats he builds coupled with simple guitar and banjo melodies only become heightened by his wallowing voice and a beautiful female backup vocal. Andy Arch capitalizes on my favorite aspect of beautiful simplicity can wrangle any listener.

Tom Thumb - Lord, Release Me

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