Friday, July 25, 2008

Indianapolis - Part 1:
Josh Garrels

Is it gospel? It's preachy and he definitely has vocal chords that aren't afraid to venture. I definitely hear a bit of Tracy Chapman-meets-testosterone. Wait, there's some John Butler, Harper, Alexi Murdoch...and then I heard some free-style via white man preaching women and freedom and livin'. No, it's not Xavier Rudd...this guy speaks through his songs, not right-wing bash sessions between songs.

So it's time I post on Indianapolis-based Josh Garrels. I know a few of you have told me about him in the past and I may have sluffed you off. Last week, my compadre Johnny Utah out West re-alerted me to him. After finding out he's associated with my pal Trace Bundy and Braddigan (of Dispatch), I decided to give him a further nod. I'm not convinced I love half of his material yet; although the few songs I've liked, I've REALLY liked.

I'm sure you'll be hearing some of Josh Garrels in some of the soundtracks I'm currently working on as his style and anxious crescendos really seem to fit in on the stories I'm working with. Plus, when has a simple guitar rhythm backed by a nice kick drum and beats not worked? (Rhetorical, mind you). Here's one song that you can download for free via Garrels' site that's been swooning my speakers lately:

Josh Garrels - Sleeper

Josh has a new album in August that you can pre-order from his website which is also full of audio samples and art from he and his wife. Once I started grooving to his beats and motioning voice, it didn't take me too long to start bobbing my head, tapping my toe and realizing I needed a nice porch and cool summer sky to accompany the mood he set.

**I never condone Dredlock Holiday doing a hippie-infused/marionette doll dance on stage like seen above. I do condone Josh Garrels.

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