Friday, May 29, 2009

Rusted Root is back!

Ok, I'm of a quite lazy spell and have actually been hearing the guff, nagging, and groaning about the need for new music updates from many of you via email. Thanks.

More importantly, one of my favorites from back in the hay day, Rusted Rood is back. (or is it "hey day"? Me thinketh it's "hay" as in a farmer reference).

Yes, Rusted Root is back after a 7 year studio hiatus. The Pittsburgh group have sold over 3 million records world wide mostly due to "Send Me On My Way," the hit you've heard in movies and on radio waves over the last decade. Although you haven't heard much else from them, be weary that they've been anything but stagnant. Over 6 albums and multiple movie scores (Twister, Mathilda, Party of Five, Charmed, Ice Age, etc.) have kept them in the lime light...and I just learned that "Send Me On My Way" was also chosen by NASA to wake up the crew on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.

Although Rusted Root's new album, Stereo Rodeo, has been available online since March, the big release is now, during the pre-lull of the summer season...and thank God, we need some good music. Original members, Michael Glabicki, Patrick Norman and Liz Berlin, are joined by a small slew of backing band members on this album. As Glabicki says, "Labeling is dangerous and limiting...We are a band made up of individual musicians who come together collectively to create music, call it what you want but we are simply creating music that has a message.” In Stereo Rodeo, you'll not only hear the pulsating rhythms and chant-like howls they are known for, but deeper political and historically-influenced themes and lyrics.

Rusted Root - Dance In The Middle


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