Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miley Vs. The Boss

I could've posted on the new Wilco release or even the Buckley CD/DVD release of his live cuts. Nope, I'm not because that's not chapping my ass right now.

Hear me out. I GET MTV's demographic. I know the MTV Video Awards are mostly silly, viral and really don't count for much. I get that I was probably one of the few television viewers that was over the age of 25 but hey, I'm an Andy Samberg fan. So given it was just the measly MTV Movie Awards full of bare-assed angels flying around and mumbling award recipients, why am I cranky?

Because even in the hoo-hah land of MTV and their Clash and Ramones t-shirt wearing fans, how or lord, how was Miley Cyrus' song voted above Bruce Springsteen's?

Folks, I don't have the answer and never will. OK, I'm not really cranky as I know the reality of it all...but I do wonder if Bruce even knew he was up for an award against Paramore or Miley. But for shits and giggles, let's take a look at how MTV explained the two songs so we can at least offer Miley some credit for the deep seriousness of her song, "The Climb" which I'm guessing, she didn't even write.

MTV says:
Miley Cyrus "The Climb"
Miley's ballad is all about staying optimistic in the face of tough decisions, like choosing between regular life and your secret pop star alter-ego.

Bruce Springsteen "The Wrestler"
This eponymous song is based on the real life lost-and-found friendship between The Boss and 'Wrestler'-lead Mickey Rourke.

Must be tough to choose between a regular life of a millionaire on a ranch and being a pop-star millionaire with a ranch to fall back on. Hey - that should be a song!

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