Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kings Of Leon ARE the cool guys that don't look at explosions

My favorite song off of Only By The Night now has an accompanying video. Just a few years ago the Followill brothers were constricted by a well-received debut album that lacked the pop-glam to further their exposure beyond the indie-alt basement scene. Add in another album, multiple festival appearances, some Saturday Night Live and Late Show appearances, an MTV Video Awards performance, and backing by RCA...and well, some damn nice rock vocals and catchy tunes with a likeable face...and Kings of Leon are still making waves. This time with "Notion," the third single off of KOL's most recent album.

Yesterday, the KOL online premier of "Notion" became available on their Myspace page. Nothing to write home about, but it'll satisfy any KOL fan...or female under the age of 40.

Fire? Check. Bad ass "I don't give a shit" attitude? Check. Smoldering light bulb in worn-down warehouse? You bettcha. Singing into a brick wall and hawking a lugie on the stage floor (1:26 in). All systems go. Ok, ok...I still love the song and hell, I can't talk too bad about the video...Caleb is telling me the entire time: "don't knock it, don't knock it..." But wait! There's more!

Is it ironic timing that this fire and explosion-filled video premiered the day after Andy Samberg's penultimate tribute to the cool guys that don't look at explosions? I think not. The KOL crew are indeed the epitome of cool cats. Here's Samberg's statement:

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