Monday, June 29, 2009

Now...I'm At eTown

It's not my longest drought, but I've been neglecting the blog for a bit. Several of my avid readers knew of my position in the music industry at the radio consulting firm that also had many fingers in the online and retail realm of music delivery. I'm happy to say that after 4 years of growing with them and knee deep in the muck and glamour that is the music industry, I was offered the New Media/Audience Development position at eTown. I still get to ride my bike to work. Only now, I get to ride toward the downtown part of Boulder, past the stunning Flatirons, alongside the river and sit in an office that is literally a stones throw from hiking trails and deer crossings.

I'm not going to shy away from self promotion when I do know it's a great company promoting a great cause. I'm still supervising music licensing projects and producing soundtracks when I have time. At eTown, I still get to see the most fascinating emerging artists in juxtaposition to legendary icons. In addition, we hope that with the format of the show and the projected growth on our horizon, eTown will not only be a prime outlet to watch and learn about musicians, but a place where social issues and intelligent conversation can surface to a greater public.

Who's perfomed at eTown? Several thousand musicians, including some of these names: Ray LaMontagne, Keb' Mo', Gregory Alan Isakov, Steve Earle, Josh Ritter, Sam Bush, J.J. Cale, James Taylor, Devotchka, Alexi Murdoch, David Gray, Nickel Creek, Ben Harper, T-Bone Burnette, Ted Hawkins, Michael Franti, Mavis Staples, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Guster, Marc Cohn, Odetta........

A new site is in the works which will serve as a blueprint to more stuff to come. In the meantime, here is eTown.


heather said...

Bodie! BODIE! This is marvelous, wonderful news! If there are any connections we can make, I would love to do more with eTown. David Gray?!?!?!?! Saw that one coming up. Good for you, I am so proud of you.

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