Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes It's Not About The Music

There are lot of heavy hearts in Boulder this week. The international climbing community and several families and friends got rocked this week when it was announced that Boulder's own, Jonny Copp, Micah Dash and Wade Johnson lost their lives in an avalanche in the deeply remote region of southwest China while attempting to be the first to climb the 22,368-foot Mount Edgar (pictured above). It was so remote and such a feat, that the mountain has not only been unclimbed, but has never even been approached. We may soon find out if someone in this trip was able to reach the summit. Regardless, I have expressed my condolences and thoughts on the matter to the specific people within this situation. To me, this blog is not going to serve as my emotional outlet that accompanies losing friends and business associates. What is it about then? I won't get started. But, here are pictures of Jonny, Wade and Micah.

The video excerpt below, produced by Wade Johnson, was a project in which I served as music supervisor and briefly captures Johnny Copp and Micah Dash in their backyard playground. Ironically, they briefly talk about confronting death in their daily endeavors. They lived to explore and frolicked in the most breathtaking and remote regions on earth. They died doing what they loved most...playing in their larger-than-life jungle gym.

Excerpt from The Sharp End courtesy of Renan Ozturk

To donate to the ongoing search and recovery of their bodies, or learn more about the situation and the lives of these marvelous gentlemen, please don't hesitate to visit the links below.

The Adventure Film Festival/search and donation headquarters
Jonny Copp's personal website
Jonny Copp's bio via patagonia.com
Letter from the parents of Wade Johnson
Sender Films
Micah Dash's bio courtesy of Mountain Hardware
Micah Dash's blog


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