Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...she's so hot, Boom

The Grammy's are over and thank God. Yikes. Whew. Youch. OK, really quick...let me vent. If I ever run into the Jonas Brothers on the street...please protect them. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Ok, you're still cool, but shut the fuck up FOR ONCE. Robert Plant and Krauss, I adore your CD...now smile and be happy you just put a royal flush on the Grammy comp! And again, Jonas Brothers. Imagine how embarrassed Stevie Wonder would've been if he could see what you do alongside him. I still have some dignity left after finding out they did not win Best New Artist.

Ok, moving on...

Should I now be embarrassed after that rant on the Jbros? I mean this new artist that I'm digging is on MTV's The Hills. She's sorta like a teenie bop version of M.I.A. with a skim of soul and gospel hidden in there. Not as mature as Winehouse, but then again, this girl looks healthy. If that's not enough, she's on the already-cliche record label owned by Starbucks (that did back McCartney), Hear Music. Anjulie is from Toronto. Yes, you heard me. Toronto. The youngest of four, Anjulie was raised by her immigrant parents from Guyana, who filled her childhood with "Afro-Caribbean calypso, reggae, and South American Latin music." I'm digging her. Her self-titled album from Hear Music is set to arrive on our doorsteps on March 31...we'll see what the blogging and entertainment industry can do with her career before then. Yes, I hear some soul, Top 40 Leona Lewis, Simon Cowell infused "hit" ingredients. But, I like it. This video from her EPK isn't a bad teaser for what's to come:

"The Heat"

And the single is rumored to be...
Anjulie - Boom

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Valerie said...

um...that's really hot.