Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Chevy Chase songlist

For the past few, I donate some time to my local Boulder International Film Festival. This year, in addition to the stellar film in the line-up, Chevy Chase was wrangled up and is receiving a deserved tribute for putting smiles on faces for the past decades. Do I get to meet him? Not sure and I really don't care as I'm not one who gets star-struck. But, should I get an opportunity to do the Amigo Salute, I will not shy down. So, as I depart from the blogging for a few days in order to concentrate on the film festival, I'll leave you with a few songs that I associate Chevy with as well as a few clips that stand out in my mind. Enjoy!

Three Amigos


Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road


Kenny Loggins - I'm Alright

You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon and Chevy


adamb said...

You know he was the original drummer for Steely Dan right?

Also claims to have Perfect Pitch...

Bodie Johnson said...

Adam...seriously, I had no clue he was their first drummer! Damn I feel guilty about hating Steely Dan. Am I a hypocrit now?