Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dawes. Say no more.

This specific post turned out to be harder than I thought...and thus, actually easier. It all started when a group of friends and I went to see Delta Spirit at the Hi-Dive in Denver last week. There I am, next door living the high life, this time with a Budweiser in hand. Whitney (we'll get to her later) pulls herself away from the opening act, grabs me and makes me listen to the opening band that is rocking her face off. Dawes. Now if you recall my history on this blog, I have a history with opening bands I aim to miss. Delta Spirit was such an example - a band I once aimed to miss, who have now been on my top-played list for quite some time. Here I go again...and have not learned my lesson yet. I get next door for one final song where I witness some yahoo on stage belting out similarly to Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses. Nonetheless, the rompin' drums and the echo-filled voice of Dawes treated me well. I came to find out their last song was the worst of the night...which is good news for them.

Dawes - When My time Comes

Dawes. That's it. That's really all there is about them. Ok, I'll give you a bit more, but don't try and dig up the information yourself. You'll either be disappointed or on a self-acknowledged goose chase. All I can really summarize is that Dawes, the BOH spin-off is from Malibu/Northridge, played in Denver the other night and if it wasn't for Whitney mandating my cameo, I would have dis/missed them completely. They MAY have started off as the band, Simon Dawes, a fictitious name that is "named after no one." After reforming under the name Dawes and dropping a few members and adding a few others, they have released their self-titled album from the label, Record Collection. That's about it. No public bio that my sleuth-like ability could sniff out. Oh yeah...word to a band...if you're getting started in this biz...maybe you should post your bio, or band info or, ummm, ever think of a building a site or something of that nature? Bueller? I do know their songs are growing on me, but treat me much better in a live performance setting. They have released a fun video which seems like it pulled some inspiration from The Wonder Years, Nirvana's Nevermind and an American Apparel catalog.

Dawes "Love is All I am"

Is it ironic that they also cover this tune too?

Wonder Years Troubadour

Moral of the story: don't miss the opening band. And when Whitney tells you to get your ass over to the venue "like, now," well then, get over to the venue.

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