Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Herzig. Dawes. day, two great artists.

Katie Herzig
Katie Herzig - Wish You Well
The one artist I get giddy around! One of the very few artists that I can say I've seen develop from performing bar gigs into headlining the last scene on Grey's Anatomy that made you ball your eyes out. Herzig's absolutely gorgeous song, "Wish You Well" was featured today on NPR's Song of The Day. Read more about her and the song here. For the Tempo's previous post on Herzig, click here

The marvelous blog crew over at Daytrotter just posted some fresh content on the enigma of a band that is Dawes. Head over there and get your fill of the band, free song downloads from their session at Daytrotter, and info about each song. The Tempo's previous post on Dawes can be found here.

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insidethebubble said...

Katie Herzig plays May 16th at 3rd & Lindsley (the one spot I have vowed to go to my first night in nashville) on the day I move-in. Coincidence...i think not.