Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nil Lara

Aside from Paul Simon's Graceland, I'd have to say that Nil Lara's self titled album has been on my Top 5 since it's debut in 1996 from Metro Blue Records. I initially saw him open up for Rusted Root at the Paramount Theater in Denver the year his album was released and I bought it, fingers crossed, that the album might be half as great as his performance. Since then, his songs have been placed on too many mix CDs to count (tapes back then) and I've seen dozens and dozens of my friends scour and ransack music stores in search of the album.

What has Nil Lara been up to since that sterling album in 1996 aside from having one of his songs featured in the Scrubs tv soundtrack? Coincidentally, my wonderful friend at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends recently found out that he is still performing quite often in the Miami area, which made me excited that he still may be releasing new songs. According to his blog, Nil Lara is also headed up to New York City for those lucky enough to catch a performance. I wrote him the other day and he provided me with this absolutely gorgeous song that has been playing on my speakers non-stop. Supposedly, I'll be receiving a few more Nil Lara albums in the next week...again, fingers crossed.

Nil Lara - Amor En Ti

Although Nil Lara has released a small handful of albums since 1991, you can still find his self titled release on amazon and hear more of his "newer" songs at his MySpace pages here and here. Although I would have LOVED to post his entire album on here to share his talent, my favorite will have to do until you can track down your own copy. I promise it will be well worth your time.

Nil Lara - Crawl

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heather said...

I love this man as well, Matt Nathanson actually first gave him a shout out on some Zune playlist thing online or something, and I was hooked ever since. We've bonded over this. He is a great, sincere artist and I am glad you've got some tracks for download from him. We gotta get him back to CO.