Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Black Ghosts

I was going to say, "maybe I live in my parents basement still since I've never heard of the book series or the box office smash, Twilight." Then, I realized that the only way a 27 year-old male would have heard of Twilight is if they still lived in their parents basement. Anywhoo, I was recently introduced to the movie through my cousin, still in high school and still in the demo that safely encompasses Twilight's appeal. Aside from how hokie or nostalgic this emo flick is, the soundtrack ain't half bad, nor fully good. Iron & Wine, Muse, Perry Ferrell (Janes Addiction), Mute Math and a the wrist cutting cherry on top to solidify the movie's emo stance, Paramore. Not shabby. Twilight did introduce me to a song that's been hogging my iTunes - Full Moon by The Black Ghosts. Some nice acoustic-ish guitar strumming backed your typical Brit singer full of 3 ounces of angst but still enough dignity to kick some indie ass and some nice beats thrown in to prove it's not a song for your mom.

The Black Ghosts - Full Moon

Another bad ass group not from the U.S., The Black Ghosts continue to prove that despite their oral hygiene, the UK (and hell, even Canada now-a-days) can still produce some great music. The electronic based duo is comprised of Theo Keating and Simon Lord, two artists that met on the Internet and produced handfuls of work together before meeting face to face. My co-worker tipped me off that these are the same two that were once a part of Simian. The Black Ghosts are still new to the scene (relatively) and should be picking up some steam now that they've trampled SXSW in Austin and are the buzz from the Twilight soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Bodie. I saw Twilight last weekend and noted the soundtrack. You crack me up with your analysis. sending 3 ounces of angst and good beats your way... Jess

Heather: said...

Just wanted to say that I am a 26 year old female who does not live in her parents' basement and I love Twilight--both books and movies! How do you feel about me now, Bodie? (PS I did notice the soundtrack too!) -Heather