Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wisely (Wise"ly) adv. In a wise manner; prudently; judiciously; discreetly; with wisdom.

Willie Wisely - singer-songwriter, Jenna Fischer's friend.

Diggin up another gem and dusting off the earphones, I remember a lesser known artist that came to light with the help of Jenna Fischer, or better known as the reserved Pam from NBC's The Office? Apparently a big fan of Wisely, Fischer agreed to be in a video for his first bigger release, "Through Any Window."

Singing in a somewhat despondent tone as if here were in a permanent lull, Wisely gives us simply naked songs almost with comparisons to Elliot Smith or Nick Drake. Keep in mind I said "almost." Oddly enough, as you listen to more Wisely, you quickly dismiss any mysterious sorrow that accompanies any mention of Drake and Smith with his happier and poppier songs more along the lines of Train. Anywhoo...nothing HUGE about Wisely yet...but definitely worth a quick check for the needed pause in your busy Holiday shopping filled day. Wisely's self-titled albums has been out for some time now from Oglio Records...enjoy!

Wisely - Through Any Window

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