Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bluegrass & Blondie. Welcome Old School Freight Train

I've been listening to them for a bit and have always loved their strict adherence to keeping the old school bluegrass base while sneaking in some light swing, pop or lyrics to infiltrate younger generations. But now, Old School Freight Train's bent bluegrass is resurfacing a new take on Deborah Harry's 1979 hit, "Heart of Glass." Did you know that Blondie's 1979 hit "Heart of Glass" was actually recorded in 1975 as "Once I Had A Love" with a bluesy-reggae beat? It got it's disco transformation in 1978 just before the video for "Heart of Glass" was filmed in the notorious Studio 54 in NY. And knowing is half the battle. *Now last time I used the term "bluegrass," I was uppercut by a reader who had his or her strong opinions on what bluegrass is defined as. So, I'll say it here...I consider this group a damn great example of what redefined bluegrass is. Talk amongst yourselves.

Old School Freight Train - Heart of Glass

Now, onto the younger bluegrassers. Six years in the making and hailing out of Charlottesville, VA, Old School Freight Train are pushing the newgrass styles while paying homage to their predecessors like Bela Fleck and the dawg music of Grisman. Though their previous albums are full of flourishing instrumentals and pickin' solos, the gem off their new album may be the Blondie cover. Covers are not rare for the Virginians as they've been asked before to cover the likes of Coldplay and Mayer for the Pickin' On Bluegrass series. They are on tour now, sharing some dates with the Squirrel Nut Zippers (yes, Andrew Bird's ol' crew). Their new album Six Years (11:12 Records/Sony/Red) is available on March 17th.


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Absolutely love this! Thanks!

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