Monday, March 30, 2009

Excuses are like...

It's been a few days, I know. I know. Why? Well do you want rational or excuses? Ok, it's 11:11 and this is what I can come up with...

Excuse #1: No NEW music has really caught my ear this week. Ok, The Decemberists did come out with a new one...and Gomez too (see below for them). I know music comes out daily. In fact, it was generalized that over 28,000 albums were released in 2008...over 75 a day. That being said, not all are good. Those that are good are either not my style, slip under my radar or are not worthy of a Mountain Tempo post. Arrogant? Maybe. Blind? Maybe.

Excuse #2: This is a part-time fun thingie. Aside from my full-time position in the music biz, my endeavors as a Music Supervisor for films, and avid outdoors enthusiast; posting on here may stay in the bullpen until the 9th inning on busy weeks.

Excuse #3: _________________________.

Nonetheless, here are some interesting sites and a few songs from the yesteryears that have been on repeat for some odd reason. Sappy? Heartbroken? Sentimental? Am I in one of those Ryan Adams-y (circa 2002) phases? Random? Enjoy-

Song 1: Opie Gone Bad - Angel
Site 1: Music Trivia here

Song 2: John Butler Trio - Losing You
Site 2: Best Craigslist ad...ever

Song 3: Eagle Eye Cherry - Worried Eyes
Site 3: