Thursday, March 26, 2009

whiskey + raucous + hootenanny = Felice Brothers

With the weather changing outside and spring beginning, it seems I accidentally turned this week into a porch-music themed week. Sara Watkins with her folkerized bluegrass, William Elliot Whitmore with some dusty howling and a backyard stomp by the Local Natives. The Mountain Tempo has posted on the upstate country bumpkins from the Catskill mountains before, but the brothers Felice (+2) are back again.

From family barbeque's to NY Subway busking to a full-throttle tour and even a slot at last year's Bonnaroo, The Felice Brothers have left their stomp print rather quickly. And you'll see why if you watch the video above. They're infectious, they're ragged and rugged and beyond that - they're a fucking kick-in-the-pants. Their new album full of dirty-bar tunes, scorched ballads and Octoberfest chants that would bring in any straggler. Yet another reference to Twain, The Felice Brothers have titled their new album Yonder Is The Clock (Team Love Records) and it'll be available on April 7th. But, if you're antsy, you can order it here.

Here is my favorite from the upcoming album and luckily, it's the only one that seems to have been released! You'll get their notorious old-tyme gun slinging feeling about 2:15 in... The Felice Brothers - Penn Station

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