Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David Ford shows us how to go to hell

He was my favorite artist to break out in least to U.S. audiences. I'm lucky enough that after not touring in my neck of the woods for the past two years, UK singer-songwriter David Ford is coming back around! He's still not too well known in the states but has secured opening slots for gems such as Gomez, KT Tunstall, Richard Ashcroft and Elvis Costello. Not only a brilliant singer-songwriter that gleams passion, Ford actually calls himself as much a technician as a strict performer. A jack-of-all-trades is what you'll see if you don't pass up the common name on a billboard venue. David Ford awes fans on stage as most expect his backing band to appear any second to fill the vacant slots in front of the bass, percussion, guitar, drums, piano, guitars, and multiple mic stands. Not much time is wasted when Ford takes control and loops segments of dozens of instruments, resulting in a cacophony of perfectly synced sounds, dismissing any need of a backing band.

Ford has now released a few videos showing that everything you hear on his album may have taken a lot more talent you'd be quick to guess. Here's how he constructed the full sound of "Go To Hell"

David Ford - Go To Hell

Now how about this - a live recording, one take, four times

Ford is again on tour in the states, this time with New Yorker Ingrid Michaelson (yes, the gal responsible for making you remember Grey's Anatomy and Old Navy), and England's Newton Faulkner.

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