Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Belle & Sebastian!!!!!

They're back! I know there were never really gone, but when a new release arrives from such an influential indie band, it's a good day. Now I know the definition of "indie" has lost much of it's flare and has easily been clouded due to the ease of attaching those five letters to any old band that isn't on the four big labels. Hell, many of the bands on the big labels are still considered "indie" becuase of their roots and many of the bands on "indie" labels such as Sub Pop (bullshit) are anything but independent of politics and polish of the big boys they despise. Anywhoo...on with the main point huh? Indie pop staples, Belle & Sebastian, have released a new double disc album available digitally, on CD and if you want the true living room performance experience, it's available as a double vinyl. Right on.

It's a testament to Scotland's Belle & Sebastian and their volumes of stripped songs when a BBC sessions album full of bootlegs, live performances and rareties, can count as damn great album in it's own right. The first disc is full of BBC radio recording from 1996-2001 while the second disc provides some nice dessert via a live performance from Belfast. The BBC Sessions album is out now from Matador Records. If you want some more detailed information on the release from the band, check their Myspace here. Their BBC album on vinyl is the answer for a brisk fall Sunday evening with a slowly disappearing glass of wine.

Belle & Sebastian - (My Girl's Got) Miraculous Technique

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