Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rodrigo Y Gabriela Live in Japan

The seductive Mexican duo via Ireland can now add the country of Japan to the most recent list of swooners and oooh-ers and ahhhh-ers. Sure their songs get a bit repetitive if you listen to the album in it's entirety, but seeing Rodrigo Y Gabriela live is a completely different experience. The speed in which the metal influnced folksters hands explore and dance the necks of their one-of-a-kind handmade acoustic guitars will leave your jaw dropped. In addition to Rodrigo's humbleness and Gabriela's cutsie stage presence comes some great music. Are they dating? Are they married? Are they brother and sister? Let's hope it's not the Jack and Meg White question all over again. Rumor has it that they are definitely together, though on stage it's all about the music, picking and getting the crowd to clap along.

Rod Y Gab have just released a double disc CD/DVD of their time overseas from ATO Records. On it you'll find a handful of songs from their debut release with a bit of pepper. However, to make it worth your penny, the crew was able to capture a few newbies including a solo by each and a kick ass cover of Dave Brubeck's 1959 classic, "Take Five." Here's the original and Rod Y Gab's take on it for ya!

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Take Five (live)


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