Sunday, November 30, 2008

From yoga teacher to main stage in one song

It's been done before and hopefully the trend of placing unheard music in national television campaigns will continue. Although Apple may not have been the first to exploit (it's not a bad thing) an emerging artist through an ad campaign, they certainly have been the most recent company responsible for the growth of dozens of new radio singles and iTunes downloads. Remember the Kooks, Yael Naim, The Ting Tings? Yes, they each charted and beyond that, it's hard to argue any of them would have reach mainstream ears if it weren't for conglomerate corporations helping them. Side note: people have given groups such as Aerosmith and Zeppelin shit for years now saying they've "sold out" by allowing their music to sync with car commercials and so on. Really? If someone came up to you and offered you $500,000 to use your song in a commercial that didn't offend anyone and all you had to do was say "ok", could you really turn 1/2 million down? Honestly? Ok, now what if you were Johnny Cash and Preparation H offered you $1,000,000 to use your song, "Ring of Fire" for their anal burning campaign? What then? Is it the money amount involved, the brand involved or a combo of the two that defines a "sell out"?Discuss amongst yourselves.

Batter up: Dell Computers and Kira Willey.

A children's yoga instructor, mother, and musician, Kira Willey founded Fireflies, a musical yoga program in Pennsylvania for children. Full story here. I may have been the last on earth to see this commercial until my brother urged me to hear the simple song that reminds quite a bit of Yael Naim or multiple Juno Soundtrack staples. It's a simple song with that innocent and feel good attitude. If I were a parent singing songs to children aiming to teach them a healthier lifestyle and then some computer company offered me 'x' amount of money and a possible fortuitous musical career for a song I'd written for fun, then I'd be a sell out any day.

Kira Willey - Colors

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