Friday, November 21, 2008

She & Him is the best 2008 has to offer.
Really? I mean, really?

I mean really Paste magazine, She & Him released the best album of 2008? Really? C'mon. So I'm at work earlier today minding my own when Jason walks in and slams down the newly released Paste rubbish on the table after announcing their choice for Best Album of 2008. Without hesitation, I facetiously respond: "did Paste even listen to the album?" Stereogum, please save us.

OK, I'm a realist and know it's just a simple poll. Before you think I'm one of those self-righteous music snobs who's "above it" and no matter who "they" ranked at #1 I would have disagreed, let me put in my own asterisk. *I love (Him) M. Ward. I think (She) Zooey Deschanel would never ever win an ugly contest...voice or looks. I own all of M. Ward's albums. I love watching Zooey and Buddy The Elf (Will Ferrell) duet in Elf. But really...the best album of 2008? It IS unique. It does stand out. Hell, he is an instrumentalist extraordinaire and she only adds to the skiked Kool-Aid. But trust me you, by no means does their talent, production, lyrics, melody or sound top the charts of 2008. Take a listen and then come right back.

OK, now I'm not stating that I'm important enough to compile a Top 50 list of 2008. And I'm confident that if I did, I'd have to stand up and take the punishment of the naysayers and critics, which is only appropriate after rating artistic talents...especially when my musical talent is confined to performances alone in my living room or at campfire in front of alcohol-induced onlookers. That being said and without posting these in any specific order, I'd like to remind you of some songs/albums that I believe got shoved aside by Paste when they hoisted She & Him's Volume One to the #1 slot of 2008. Really. Again, I'm not saying She & Him blows. I'm saying it was good but "good" should never be the cover of a magazine as big as Paste. In this man's humble opinion, each below are more deserving of the #1 stature than what Paste determined.

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Vampire Weekend

TV On The Radio

Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines

Lykke Li

Bon Iver

Ray Lamontagne

Noah And The Whale

Girl Talk


Sigur Ros


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree.

Paste was spot on: Volume One is the best album of 2008. I'm not going to go through all those bands you have listed, because you don't even want to get me started on how overrated Vampire Weekend is.

Bon Iver is probably the only one of those you listed I'd say stood an actual chance, but still, his album isn't as consistently good as Volume One.

I think a lot of people are quick to belittle She & Him's work in relation to everyone else's, given that we are talking about Volume ONE, and Deschanel's debut in the music world. But there's a strength behind that album, every note of it is pure. I listen to that album and I see the core of what music making is. None of those other bands do that for and... that's more than enough for the best of 2008, in my opinion.

Hanan said...

This year it goes to a debut. But not the debut you're thinking. Give you a hint: You're not going to guess it.

oh my goodness, SPOT ON. the VW picture didn't help either.

that record is NOT the best of the year. no fucking way. it is NOT better than the new Sigur Ros album. nor VW's debut.

I really agree with your post. I love M Ward and I think Zooey is gorgeous. but their album really wasn't that big of a deal. it was ok, at best

Anonymous said...

sigur ros is great. but they put out the same shit every year... getting old.

modernacoustic said...

Bodie. I cannot agree with you more. Though I'm not nearly the M. Ward fan you are, I cannot listen to that album. Yes, it sounds fine, but it does little to nothing for me. But who am I? I love The Submarines album and Jenny Lewis's new one.
And not to go too crazy, but Paste magazine has become a complete piece of trash. I loved it as a music magazine, but what it has become is just another GQ piece of crap. I have not seen the issue yet because I CANCELLED my subscription in anger....
Cheers Rich K.

Gavin said...

The best album of 2008 is Paavojarhu's Laulu Laakson Kukista.