Monday, September 8, 2008

It's's slow today...laugh it up.

Now don't get all cranky, fussy, or preaching equal rights to me's comedy and only entertainment. At the office, we stick up all the weird, off-beat and completely hilarious album covers up on display right near my desk and one album stares at me all day...I don't stare at it, mind you.

Rodney Carrington, the musician and comedian from Texas, has an artillery of albums and songs out for your redneck or comedy collection. Yes, albums such as Nut Sack, Morning Wood and King of the Mountains carry such singles as "Letter To My Penis," "Titties and Beer," "Today's The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend," "Prison Bitch," "Burnin' Sensation," "Gay Factory Worker," and the song below, "Show Them To Me."

If anything, it's a free porn-fest when ever you perform it

Show Them To Me

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