Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson has had the most response from my friends this year of any band I've introduced. Every time I casually slip his disc into my car or home stereo, I automatically get the "who the hell is this and why don't I have this on any of my mixes you made me" response. Don't get me wrong, I love this guy. But, I guess I overlook him often when making mixes or, as we can see here, blogging.

Eric Hutchinson, born in 1980, has that pop-prowess like Mraz, some funk-soul edge like a young Stevie Wonder and some definite tambourine and piano skillz. I always give a thumbs up to tambourine use. Hutchinson now resides in NYC and has opened up for Blind Melon, Mraz, Joe Jackson, Marshall Crenshaw and G. Love. Hutchinson's "new" (if you still consider 2007 "hip") album from Warner Bros. Records, Sounds Like This, will most positively get your head grooving and your feet stomping. Surprise your friends with this disc during a road trip or a fun get-together and I'll bet you get harassed about this!

Eric Hutchinson - Rock & Roll

Eric Hutchinson - You Don't Have To Believe Me

Oh, and another track I suggest you get is "All Over Now."

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