Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sharp End and
Everything Absent or Distorted

Well, I took a couple of days off to cope with a hectic schedule and now the cat nap is over. I just finished compiling the soundtrack for Sender Films. Their new film, The Sharp End ,features the very best outdoor/adventure athletes, nut-jobs, and characters in the world on climbing, B.A.S.E. jumping, mountaineering, tower jumping, and frolicking excursions. The film is on the road now headlining the Reel Rock Film Tour and here's glimpse of what you'll see.

The director, producer and I crammed over 30 songs in this rather small production. Despite the nationally recognized bands we used in the film, the songs from an emerging local band were the ingredient that caused many jaws to drop when accompanied by the cinematic and hair-raising footage. Everything Absent or Distorted (A Love Story) are from Denver though their numerous members commute from a large radius in order to attend practices. They've played Red Rocks, opened the homecoming party for Devotchka and have been touted as the best "unknown" or "underground" powerhouse in the Denver music scene. Think Clap Your Hands Say, The Polyphonic Spree, Arcade Fire, Voxtrot and Devotchka.
E.A.O.D.s 7 members are of the most humble rockers/composers you'll ever come across and I find it almost odd that these quintessential quietly-genuine characters are the same people that conjure up the sounds that blast Red Rocks and the hoards of fans. It's also odd that they actually thank ME for the opportunity to appear in the film...whereas it is me that is honored to have their art and music accompany such amazing footage. E.A.O.D. is currently finishing up a new album but you can order their previous work, The Soft Civil War E.P., from Needlepoint Records here or at iTunes. Here's a taste of the diversity and orchestral-like sounds you can expect.

Everything Absent or Distorted - Bureau of Yards and Docks


::BS Productions:: said...

Good job! Whats the song on the trailer? That was one of my favorites. Are they gonna get the whole soundtrack online somewhere? I'd love to see the lineup! Credits were going way to fast at the show...

Sally said...

Awesome film, great music!

I would really like to know which song was playing in the Lisa Rands section when she's on The Mandala.


Sandy said...

Hi nice composition ..

please can you tell me which is the song that starts at 37th minute of the movie " the sharp end ", at the end of tower jumping ,
during slack lining and during the time when the Chek climber says " WORLD is GOOD " .. It is super .
Please let me know..

Eagarly awaiting..
Sandeep Bhagyawant

Anonymous said...


The song at the 37th minute is "Save Our City" by Ki:Theory