Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Joshua Radin

You've heard his voice on Scrubs, Grey's, Catch And Release, Brothers and Sisters, Idol and The Last Kiss. He's woo'd crowds on the late show rounds, headlined The Hotel Cafe Tour, supported KT Tunstall and Ingrid Michaelson on tour, and even ended up dating a co-Hotel Cafe Tour member/singer-songwriter Schuyler Fisk (pron. "Skyler"). Who's that? It took my friend Whitney all but .36 of a second to screech "Oh-my-God, that girl starred in The Baby-Sitters Club!" when a then-anonymous girl with a vibrant smile and burnt red hair passed us in the Fox Theater. Whitney was correct. Schuyler not only was Kristen in the BSC, but is also an avid performer, singer, actress and daughter of Sissy Spacek. Ellen DeGeneres considers Radin one of her favorites...so much that she brought him on her show and had him perform at her wedding to Portia de Rossi.

Radin on Ellen

But, this is about L.A.-based (Ohio-born) singer-songwriter Joshua Radin and his new album. Joshua Radin attended Northwestern University with his good buddy, Zachary Israel Braff (Scrubs, Garden State), who ended up using a few of Radin's songs in his television shows and eventually, a few of his movie soundtracks. During the filming of Braff's re-make of The Last Kiss, Radin and Fisk penned "Paperweight," one of their most notable songs over the course of one late night. Oddly, this song appeared on the soundtrack but was never heard in the actual movie because of how integral the song was to Braff during the filming.

Radin's new album, Simple Times, arrives on iTunes today and in stores on September 30th. In support of his new album, Radin will be hitting the roads on national tour with Missy Higgins starting in October. His new single, "I'd Rather Be With You," is what you'd expect...a relaxing whisper of a song with light-pop backing. Nothing outstanding, but certainly great.

Joshua Radin - I'd Rather Be With You

Oh yeah! little trivia here: Most make fun of Radin's constant whisper-like singing style and think he's afraid to unleash a bit. Not true. Radin had a daytime job, forcing him to sing very quietly as he practiced through the late night hours.

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Whitney Levine said...

Love love love him! Thanks for the shout out, she was also in Orange County AND Sissy Spacek's daughter.