Monday, September 22, 2008

Indianapolis - Part 2:
Born Again Floozies

There was a "Part 1" a few moons ago and thus a "Part 2" must follow. This is the second installment featuring artists from Indianapolis. Surprisingly, this band band calls Indiana home, though it seems more proper if this band were from the busker-burlesque backbone that is Paris or New York City. The Born Again Floozies consist of a few tap dancers, tuba, trombone, guitar and an early 1920's marching band drum.

Sexy and seductive tap dancers? Yes. Think Yard Dogs Road Show, Puppini Sisters, and a smidgen of DevotchKa. Can I also say Tilly and The Wall since the Floozies tap style and sounds remind me of Moulin Rouge or the line-gals in Vegas?

def. (noun) floozie - a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets

The Born Again Floozies have been described as "voluptuously surreal," "a rock band with extra members," and "Fellini-esque songmongers." The vixen beat-keepers hold true to the floozie definition with their raw clanking sound produced by the duo, tapping on old oak slabs. Here is their birth

The Born Again Floozies are out with a new album from Triple R Records/Half-Naked Music (BMI) titled Street Music (13 Rebellions and a Song of Consolation) which is for sale now.

The Born Again Floozies - We Got The Power (Love Letter From America)

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