Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Vampire Weekend
makes Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

New Vampire Weekend already? In my humble opinion, it's not soon enough. After my friends finally caught on to their spectacular sound via Monolith 2008, I felt a sigh of relief that I wasn't the only one (I know) to notice their lineage to my favorite artist of all time, Paul Simon. Well, a new song is out from the New Yorkers as they help bulk up a pretty strong soundtrack for the new flick, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Yeah, it's Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth, that boy from Juno) along with Kat Dennings (The 40 Year-Old Virgin) in the film that is to be released on October 3rd.

Vampire Weekend - Ottoman

I will say it's a pretty damn good soundtrack. But, being a film based on music much like Juno, Garden State, High Fidelity and on and on, I'm not sure this bears the weight of its predecessors. Don't get me wrong all you analyzers of this here ol' blog. I'm not "above it" or stating this soundtrack ISN'T good. In fact, it is better than great. I'm just saying that if you're expecting this soundtrack to create the pandemonium that Braff did with Garden State, you may be anticipating too large of an earthquake. On I go...Vampire Weekend does compliment this collection of great indie-ish gems. It'd be impossible to put out an "average" soundtrack with artists such as Vampire, Band of Horses, Devandra Banhart (now think Natalie Portman), Bishop Allen, Shout Out Louds, and Mark Mothersbaugh appearing. Speaking of, the very first time I heard "Ottoman" on this soundtrack, I immediately thought of Mothersbaugh and the moods he set in Rushmore, Tenenbaums, Rugrats, and Zissou. Coincidence?

All in all - another fantastic soundtrack music gurus will have to acquire. Several staples in the rising indie scene, another Vampire Weekend playlist addition, and even a few artists I have not heard of yet...I'm sure a few surprises will be awaiting me during my listening session this evening.


Stefania said...

I still think one of the best soundtracks ever is from the movie "Wicker Park." The Postal Service's version of "Against All Odds" is brilliant and if that's the only song you ever listen to on it, it would still be worth every penny you spent.

Hollywood .Q. said...

I'll have to check the soundtrack out but once again we'll have Teenie Boppers claiming to be cool because they know one song from an artist that you've more than likely followed since the beginning.

spineless_witness said...

It sounds really good (Ottoman). It's the first song from the soundtrack that I've heard (unless the music from the site counts :b), thanks for giving me a little preview!