Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Gregory Alan Isakov

So this is actually the blog post I've been waiting over 8 months to do. My friend and local emerging artist out of Boulder has seemingly reached that cusp in every aspiring artists career. Watching his rooted and humble demeanor stay consistent, the sounds and fan base of Gregory Alan Isakov have been anything but. After catching the ears of the syndicated radio program eTown, charming Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls and opening up for countless of headliners, Gregory is now in prime position to impress the masses. And...the once unpolished but heart-strikingly ballad that has been my most played song on iTunes for the past 7 months has finally been recorded, mastered and is set for release. And yeah, Brandi Carlile is the gem providing the stunning backing vocals. Here is Gregory's latest-

Gregory Alan Isakov - That Moon Song

The Mtn Tempo has posted on the South African multi-instrumentalist before in case you need some catch-up on his previous tracks. But, Gregory Alan Isakov is now full swing on tour with Brandi Carlile AND is set to release his new album, This Empty Northern Hemisphere, on May 19. FINALLY!

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heather said...

i am totally and thoroughly SMITTEN. good lord, thank you.