Monday, April 13, 2009

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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

My music guru, known by many as simply, "JK" (who just so happened to introduce me several years ago to my favorite song of all time), has come through again. This time, he dropped Brooklyn's Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson on my earholes.

Confusing listeners in a good way with his developed sound, poignant lyrics and timeless's odd to find out Robinson is only 24. His self-titled album was released nearly a full year ago, but timeliness or oversight doesn't phase this Mountain Tempo, especially when members of TV On The Radio and Grizz Bear accompanied Robinson it. MBAR on tour in now in the UK and I'll be damned if I miss him on his next go-around in my neck of the woods. Think a bit of Raphael Saadiq meets almost a humbled and drugged Conor Oberst...and then some Ritter maybe? Leading with the anticipated pulsing sounds of his lead track about his own funeral, "Buriedfed" takes a bit to gain traction but then erupts in an oddly composed disarray of clashing instruments and stellar songwriting.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Buriedfed

And the video isn't too shabby either

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