Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Via Toronto and some sad lounges, Emma-Lee

This tip comes courtesy of my radio-collegue turned rocker, Ms. Amy Miller of The Panic Years. Maybe a rejuvenation of the 60's bar era when you'd have those sexy women singing in lounges whilst draping themselves over the ash covered grand piano. Maybe the kind of down-tempo singer you'd get if you added mixtures of Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, Sam Phillips and Leonna Naess. Emma-Lee comes to us from Toronto and with the angst-filled heartache, she also radiates a stripped soul. Though I've provided the title-track to Emma-Lee's album below, I think her most sensual and exposed track maybe caught on this simple video that makes you want a long drag and a martini.

Emma-Lee just released Never Just A Dream courtesy of Bumstead/Universal. Not only armed with the voice that she facetiously proclaims sounds like a red velvet cupcake, Emma-Lee has also spent her time composing her songwriting depth, which are clearly evident in the album. And how old is this circa-50's heiress? Only 25. Yikes.

Emma-Lee - Never Just A Dream

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