Monday, April 6, 2009

"Oh No" - Take 2

Ah...another overlook by The Mountain Tempo. A few moons back I posted on a new obsession, Kaiser Cartel. One of my favorite songs (pun intended) of the year was their recording of "Oh No." Not until yesterday afternoon did I find out that this was a cover. And no, I'm not taking anything away from Benjamin and Courtney, as they cover the song beautifully and back it up with a whole album of stellar tracks.

And...they had a damn nice video to accompany their voices and raw version:

But, "Oh No" was actually written by Tracy Thielen, a singer-songwriter who lost his life due to a heroin overdose in 2006. I now know there are numerous covers of this song and I'll stand by KaiserCartel as my favorite. Shivaree is responsible for me diving a bit deeper into the song after hearing Ambrosia Parsley's voice carry that song a bit deeper back in 1999.

Shivaree - Oh, No

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Stefania said...

I too love the KaiserCartel version the best.