Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tip 2 of 3:
breaking news from Iglu & Hartly

Tip #2 comes courtesy of my bestie, Whitney...well, sort of. Iglu & Hartly are the first band I've seen grow from a far-fetched pipe dream to reality. I've seen the hurdles, I've seen their gigs with only a small handful of onlookers and I've seen band members come and go. Recently, I've also seen a fully produced video of them rocking out masses in Amsterdam, heard their song on MTV's The Hills and heard their voice after they signed with Universal Republic. When I had my first DJ slot fresh out of college, it was Whitney who interviewed them, made me listen to their demo and eventually had me be the first DJ to player their song on air. Thanks...self kudos.

Iglu & Hartly - In This City

The Tempo has posted on Jarvis Anderson, Sam Martin, Simon Katz & Co. before and I'm more than happy to do it again. Iglu & Hartly now find themselves permanently residing in California when not tramping on a world tour. You can currently catch them on tour on the west coast before they make a few stints in Ireland and Japan...yes, if you didn't know, MTV is over there too. When I tell friends about them, I try and define their tunes as hip hop inspired by 60's punk, the Ramones, the Clash and a lot of flippy floppies and sun burn. Their agency did a nice work with
Tom Petty meets The Pointer Sisters in a neon karaoke bar in Tokyo singing Tina Turner. The music is a sonic milkshake, a genre blending, culture-defying laser show. Synths, raps, explosive hooks, colorful bridges, sailboats, inspiration.

Iglu & Hartly are set to re-release And Then Boom on May 5th, this time under the supervision of Universal Republic. With hundreds of shows under their belt and tv licensing in full throttle, if you're not familiar with them yet, you just got your sneak peek of what's to come.

Iglu & Hartly - Day Glo

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