Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Au Revoir Simone

"Au Revoir Simone!" - Pee Wee Herman

The ladies of Au Revoir Simone look like daughters out of Big Love with that one piece of flare confirming their New Yorker indie-pop roots. The trio are prim and proper and during the show, you'll see them slip a smile here and there between their composed head bob keeping beat. Prim and proper and undeniably cute. NME called them "lush electronic hypno-folk." That seems easy to stereotype huh?

Au Revoir Simone has not broken in the U.S. as of yet, but if you listen carefully you would have heard their music in alongside McDreamy and Co. on Grey's Anatomy and on stage at some hefty festivals. And, like so many other bands that haven't fully blossomed in the States yet, Au Revoir's album sales have made a killing overseas in Asia and have been re-worked among the spinsters.

Au Revoir Simone - Lark (ruff and jam remix)

Brooklyn's Au Revoir Simone set up stage with a dozen or so instruments, most of them keyboards - few of which have been used on stage in the past 20 years. The alesis, rhythym ace, moog...all providing their sound which aligns them in the near ballpark of Camera Obscura, Viva Voce, Stereolab...hmmmm, this is tough. Remember the soundtrack to Napoleon Dynamite? Think that on caffeine with a touch of FrouFrou/Imogen Heap.

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